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RECAP: CMLL Lucha Azteca 8/23/14 (8/8/14)


Written By Alfredo Esparza

Show actually started with the full intro this time around. The Azteca America affiliate here (there are two on Dish Network. One is the East coast feed & the other the West. I watch the earlier show.) will sometimes air commercials at the top of the hour, so sometimes I’ll get the show starting mid-intro or right as the matches are about to start. Might be the most updated I’ve ever seen CMLL be for an intro as no one on it was gone and they even included some recent clips.

Dragón Rojo Jr. b Rey Escorpión [CMLL MIDDLE]

Dragon Rojo Jr. entered the match as the CMLL Middleweight Champion for almost 3 years! Guerrero Maya Jr. (for Dragon Rojo Jr.) & Arkangel de la Muerte (for Rey Escorpion) are the seconds in the match. Six edecanes (ring girls) for Friday shows! Tigre Hispano is the referee. Uh-oh…

FIRST FALL: Very clean opening fall as they exchange holds. Rey Escorpion puts Dragon Rojo Jr. in an armlock that Dragon Rojo Jr. breaks out of and reverses into a submission of his own. Rey Escorpion breaks out and goes to kick Dragon Rojo Jr., but Dragon Rojo Jr. ducks and rolls up Rey Escorpion, who then reverses the momentum and catches Dragon Rojo Jr. in another armlock submission for the first fall win. Short fall, but good.

SECOND FALL: Rey Escorpion starts the 2nd fall with a few kicks at Dragon Rojo Jr. Dragon Rojo Jr. hits a running senton off the ring apron onto Rey Escorpion. Rey Escorpion shoves Dragon Rojo Jr. into the guardrail. Dragon Rojo Jr. gets back into the ring hits a plancha and pins Rey Escorpion with a rana. Another short fall.

THIRD FALL: Return from the commercial break with both exchanging chops and elbows. They follow that up exchanging kicks. Rey Escorpion hits a clotehsline, but lets Dragon Rojo Jr. recover a bit. Dragon Rojo Jr. throws a kick at Rey Escorpion and then another to kick him out of the ring. Dragon Rojo’s about to go for a dive, but Rey Escorpion hits him while he goes thru the ropes. Rey Escorpion gets a near fall reversing a rana. Rey Escorpion gets another 2 count after a kick. Rey Escorpion shoves Dragon Rojo Jr. out of the ring and then hits a big dive! Dragon Rojo Jr. goes for a huracarana, but Rey Escorpion turns it into a powerbomb for a near pin. They edit the match to where we see Dragon Rojo Jr. running off the entrance ramp to the ringside area and dropkicks Rey Escorpion. Arkangel shoves Rey Escorpion back into the ring. Rey Escorpion goes for the package piledriver, but Dragon Rojo Jr. escapes and gets Rey Escorpion with a powerbomb for the pin. Dragon Rojo Jr. retains the title. Good match.

Goya Kong, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit b Amapola, La Seductora, Zeuxis

FIRST FALL: Seductora attacks Marcela as she enters. They brawl on the entrance ramp. Zeuxis puts the boots to Goya Kong in a corner. Rudas toss Goya Kong at Marcela in a corner. Meanwhile outside the ring, Seductora tosses Princesa Sugehit over the guard rail. Big corner knee smash by Zeuxis on Goya Kong. Zeuxis with a big boot on Marcela that sends her to the outside. Rudas triple-team Princesa Sugehit. Amapola beats on Goya Kong for a bit and then Seductora follows with la silla off the top rope. Seductora misses a senton on Goya. Goya rolls out of the ring and Zeuxis hits a top rope moonsault on Goya! Amapola pins Princesa Sugehit after a Devil’s Wings. Seductora then submits Marcela with a double palanca (armbar submission).

SECOND FALL: Rudas again attacking Princesa Sugehit. Amapola holds Marcela and Zeuxis hits a frontcracker. Rudas put Marcela and Princesa Sugehit in a corner and then throw Goya Kong at them. Goya charges at the rudas, with Zeuxis and Seductora ducking out of the way, but Amapola takes a helluva bump from Goya Kong. Tecnicos take over. Marcela dropkicks Zeuxis out of the ring. Goya Kong pins ruda captain Amapola with a Rosa Driver. Princesa Sugehit fights Seductora on the entrance ramp. Camera catches an adorable family ringside with kids wearing ugly sweaters. LOL!

THIRD FALL: Return from commercial break with Amapola torturing Princesa Sugehit. Marcela gets in and does her variation of a Devil’s Wings into a backbreaker on Amapola. Amapola comes back with a spear. Amapola goes for another corner spear, but Marcela moves. Amapola goes flying to the outside. Goya Kong follows with a running plancha off the ring apron. Marcela gets Seductora in a torture rack and slams her down on her knee and follows that up with a knee smash off the ropes. Zeuxis runs in and kicks Marcela, but Sugehit runs right after with a dropkick on Zeuxis. Princesa Sugehit slams Seductora near the corner and then drops a few elbows on her while Marcela climbs the ropes. Marcela hits a double-foot stomp for the pin on Seductora. Sugehit hits Zeuxis with a frontcracker and then slams her down with a Michinoku Driver for the win. Tecnicas win. Pretty good match.

Negro Casas, Shocker, Último Guerrero b La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush (Los Ingobernables)

FIRST FALL: Match starts with Los Ingobernables entering the ring. Negro Casas runs in and attacks Rush. Los Ingobernables all join up and attack him until Ultimo Guerrero and Shocker run out to help. For some reason KeMonito is in the Ingobernables corner! KEMONITO ES INGOBERNABLE?!? STAY TUNED!!! Ingobernables continue their attack. Zacarias El Perico wisely stays near the exit door. Double-team suplex followed by Rush hitting a top-rope senton on Shocker for the pin. Rush hits his corner dropkick of doom on Ultimo Guerrero and Sombra pins Ultimo. La Sombra notices KeMonito in their corner. Suddenly Rush notices him too….RUN KEMONITO, RUN!!!!!!! Sombra grabs KeMonito by his blue furry head and Azteca America goes to replays to keep fans from seeing luchador on mascot violence.

SECOND FALL: We return from the replay to see Los Ingobernables destroying Negro Casas. KeMonito has wisely moved to the corner closer to the ramp. Rush puts Casas in an armbar and then kicks him again. Sombra hits a dropkick on Ultimo Guerrero as Rush and La Mascara hold him. They attack Shocker and we see KeMonito make his way onto the ramp. CMLL guest announcer Tiger is asked about KeMonito and he mentions KeMonito is intelligent and that’s why he’s leaving because he knows Los Ingobernables might hurt him. Zacarias El Perico is shown laying on the ramp as KeMonito waddles away. A miscue by Los Ingobernables gives Shocker a comeback moment. La Mascara superkicks Shocker. Negro Casas runs in and kicks La Mascara. Rush gets in and he and Casas exchange chops. Casas kicks at “El Toro Blanco” Rush! Casas is about to put a leglock on Rush, but Sombra makes the save. Sombra goes for his double moonsault, but Ultimo Guerrero raises his knees on him and gets the pin. Shocker then pins La Mascara.

THIRD FALL: Rush and Casas start the fall and the throw a few hard forearms at each other. La Mascara interferes. As referee Tirantes tries to keep La Mascara out, La Sombra gets involved, but Casas catches him by the leg and slams it down on his knee. Casas continues to attack Rush. Ultimo Guerrero comes in and Rush refuses to wrestle him. Ultimo hits an elbow on Sombra. Sombra botches a headscissors spot. Ultimo Guerrero dropkicks Sombra off the ring apron. Shocker hiptosses La Mascara and then Rush and Sombra come in and dropkick him. Shocker and Los Ingobernables exchange chops until they stomp on Shocker a bit. Shocker gets Sombra with a dragon screw legwhip and then puts him in an STF, but Rush makes the save. Shocker botches some sort of leglock on Rush. No idea what he was trying to do, but Rush just held him down so La Mascara could get in. Shocker dances and then La Mascara superkicks him and hits a tope suicida. La Sombra then hits a dive to the outside on Ultimo Guerrero. Rush and Casas are left in the ring. Casas goes for La Casita on Rush and Tirantes starts to count, but La Sombra pulls Tirantes legs to distract him. Rush tries for a foul, but Casas counters and fouls Rush instead for the pin! Casas runs around the ring in celebration! Ok match. Had some good moments.

Show ends with highlights. Fun show. Matches were in the ok to good range.

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