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RECAP: Triplemania XXII 8/17/14


Written By Alfredo Esparza

So after trying to watch the show live on iPPV and then later on VOD, it became pretty impossible to watch the show that way, so I went an alternate route that worked a lot better. I’m leaving the Del Rio opening segment recap on here, but if you read it already, skip to the matches.

The little I caught of the English announcing for the iPPV was pretty bad. Vampiro was unprepared and didn’t add much to the show. Hugo doesn’t follow AAA very well, but he’s been announcing for so long that he could go with some of the tricks of the trade to keep the announcing going, but he sometimes went along with Vampiro’s off-tangent thoughts.

Prior to the show starting Jeff Jarrett and Ricochet mentioned they wouldn’t be making the show. Jarrett’s reason was he couldn’t get a flight out of Dallas. Ricochet tweeted that he missed his flight due to wrestling late the previous night on a Dragon Gate show.

Jesus Zuniga opened and welcomed everyone to the show. Great video to open the show.

8/17 – Arena Ciudad de Mexico del Distrito Federal (Triplemania XXII)

They show a black SUV driving up to the arena and then Vampiro gives a shout-out to the Juggaloos. At that point was when I switched over to the Spanish broadcast on the live iPPV, but I ended up watching the rest of this segment on youtube and the guy who uploaded it must have gotten tired of Vampiro’s commentary because you can see him switch the commentary from English to Spanish. LOL!

Dos Caras Sr. and Alberto Del Rio “El Patron” arrive! AAA used Del Rio’s WWE theme. *SMH* They immediately seem to switch the song though. Del Rio and Dos Caras Sr. walk into the ring to do an interview with Hugo Savinovich (who unwisely left Vampiro alone in commentary AND he translated it, which he did well, but was a bit loud). Hugo mentions everything Alberto Del Rio “El Patron” did in WWE and then intros him to the fans. Fans cheer loudly.

ADR mentions that Triplemania XXII is the day he returned to Mexico. He mentions people asked why he left and that 7 years ago he went to the United States. Said he did a lot of hard work and thanks to God his dream came true. One day his dream came true but it soon became a nightmare. He said he met a monster in the United States called “Racism”. Said racism doesn’t distinguish race, gender, income, it affects many. Del Rio said his father always kept his head held high and showed him to never let anyone take advantage of him. Del Rio said in the United States (WWE) may have taken his job but they can’t take his pride. Alberto Del Rio then yelled that he was “El Patron” and that he was “Mexican”.

Konnan’s music hits and he comes out along with Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hijo del Fantasma and Daga and confront El Patron and Dos Caras Sr. Konnan calls El Patron a “Naco”. Konnan tells El Patron that Vince McMahon isn’t the only racist and that he too hates Mexicans. LOL! Konnan tells El Patron that the thing he hates most about Mexicans is that just like the Mexican National Soccer team, he (El Patron) never wins when it counts. Konnan hands the mic to Hijo del Perro Aguayo. Hijo del Perro Aguayo tells El Patron that in AAA they don’t do clown stuff (Perro Jr. doesn’t watch the AAA TV show either?) like Cena’s “U Can’t See Me” or Daniel Bryan’s “YES! YES! YES!” chant. Perro Jr. says here he’s going to face a real wrestler and tells El Patron that wrestling in the U.S. may have been a dream, but now he’s going to face a real nightmare. Perro Jr. then tells him the real “Patron” in AAA is him and ask the fans “Donde Estan Perros” (Where my Dogs at?) and gets a pretty small response.

Perro Jr. then tells El Patron that he finds it funny that El Patron being so big still brings his dad with him. Perro Jr. then calls Dos Caras Sr. a “Chicharon” and shoves Dos Sr. The rudos leave as El Patron is held back by his father.

El Patron grabs the mic and tells Hijo del Perro Aguayo that its a shame he didn’t learn from his father (Perro Aguayo) because his dad was a gentleman and fought face to face. El Patron tells Perro Jr. that the only reason he attacked him is because he knows that he can’t defend himself because of the WWE’s 90-day non-compete clause so they can’t wrestle. El Patron tells Perro Jr. the night is long and he could see him again later on in the show.

Still lots of buffering issues with the feed.

1. Aero Star/Jennifer Blake/Mascarita Sagrada/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Super Fly/Sexy Star/Mini Abismo Negro/Mamba

– Entrances took about 10 minutes. I’m a fan of lucha entrances, but I think there should be a limit to how long entrances should last. Jennifer Blake wore a purple & gold outfit that I’m just going to assume was inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers and she is now my favorite wrestler in the world! Everyone had their working boots on for this match. Superfly and Sexy Star attack Aerostar to get the match going. Aerostar kicks Superfly out of the ring and hits a big dive to the outside on Superfly. The camera doesn’t catch the dive too well, but it gets shown again on replay and Aerorstar’s dive was very similar to one Mascara Dorada did earlier in the year were he looked like he was going to flip over the guardrail. Sexy Star beats on Jennifer Blake for a bit, but Jennifer sends her out with a latigo. Blake’s celebration is cut short by Mini Abismo Negro. Jennifer hits a DDT and then hits a running silla on Sexy Star outside the ring! Pimpinela does her rope-walk and then headscissors both Super Fly and Mamba. Pimpi kisses Super Fly to the delight of the fans. Really cool exchange between Mini Abismo Negro and mascarita Sagrada ends with Sagrada hitting a dive to the outside on Mini Abismo. Super Fly and Aerostar exchange near falls until Aerostar tosses Super Fly out of the ring. Aerostar attempts a dive, but he gets dragged off the ropes by Super Fly. Sexy Star gets a 2-count on Blake with a German Suplex. Blake gets a near fall on Sexy Star, but Mini Abismo comes in. Blake has Sexy Star in a cross-face, Mini Abismo has Blake in a leglock and Mascarita Sagrada jumps onto Mini Abismo’s shoulders to hit his head a few times, until Mamba comes in and slaps him off Mini Abismo Negro. They all break their holds. Mamba and Pimpi chop each other a few times and Mamba stops Pimpi to do a little bit of twerking. Blake and Sexy Star get back in the ring until Super Fly and Aerostar kick them both out. Aerostar tosses Super Fly out of the ring and then hits a very high Dormilona on Super Fly that nearly had him hitting the English announcing table. Vampiro is shown getting up and reacting to the move. Pimpi hits a dropkick on Mamba that sends him to the outside. Pimpinela does a rope walk with mini Abismo holding him and then jumps off the ropes to the outside onto Mamba! Mascarita Sagrada with a top rope Huracarana to the outside onto Mini Abismo Negro!!! Super Fly flies to the outside after Aerostar moved out of the way. Aerostar stays on all fours and Jennifer Blake catapults off him over the ropes with a tornillo on Super Fly! Sexy Star elbows Aerostar to the outside and climbs the ropes. She hits a top rope tornillo onto Aerostar and Superfly. Sexy nearly hit the table too. Funny spot were Mini Abismo Negro is in the ring with Pimpinela and Pimpi runs onto the turnbuckles and Mini Abismo crashes into his rear-end. LOL! Mini Abismo dropkicks Pimpi and then kicks Mascarita Sagrada. Mini Abismo celebrates for a bit and that allows Pimpi to sneak in and kiss him. Mascarita Sagrada then flies all over him and catches him in an octopus-looking submission hold for the win. Good opening match.

WINNERS: Aero Star/Jennifer Blake/Mascarita Sagrada/Pimpinela Escarlata

2. Torneo por el AAA Cruiserweight Title/AAA FUSION Campeonato – Participants: Daga (c)/Fenix (c)/Angelico/Australian Suicide/Bengala/Jack Evans/Joe Lider/Hijo del Fantasma/Pentagon Jr./Ricochet (missed his flight)/Drago

– Drago replaced Ricochet in the match. Box y Lucha commissioner Fantasma came out with what would be the newly created AAA WORLD Cruiserweight title as AAA is combining the previous 2 titles in the match and just having one. Fantasma’s son is in this match. THE FIX IS IN!!! Everyone starts to fight in and out of the ring. TWO MINUTES INTO THE MATCH AND JOE LIDER IS BLEEDING! WTF?!?! C’MON NOW!!! Announcers mention Lider’s back is bleeding. Lider starts off with Hijo del Fantasma, until Australian Suicide gets in. Drago hits a tornillo to the outside on Daga. Joe Lider puts Fenix on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver off the apron to the floor. Bengala headscissors Pentagon Jr. to the outside and then follows it up with a top rope moonsault on him. Good teamwork by Angelico and Jack Evans on Hijo del Fantasma. Daga and Pentagon Jr. come in and superkick both Gueros del Cielo. Pentagon Jr. chops Evans hard on the chest! CERO MIEDO!!! Evans hits a double elbow on Daga and Pentagon Jr. AND Angelico gets in and clotheslines everyone! Australian Suicide and Angelico play the roles of steps for Jack Evans to climb over them and the top rope and he hits a dive onto everyone else on the floor! Great spot! Australian Suicide does a somersault dive onto everyone. Hits his head on the floor. OUCH! Zuniga calls it a “shoot star press”. It was a little more than a shooting star press had a bit more spin to it. Angelico follows that up with a big dive over the corner. He nearly missed everyone. Drago hits a tornillo on everyone. I’m feeling bad for Australian Suicide. He’s still bumping for guys when they do dives.

Lider and Bengala get back into the ring. Bengala catches Lider in a pin attempt and gets the 3-count only the announcers don’t think its a pin. Finally realize Lider is out once he complains to the ref. Pentagon Jr. gets in and powerbombs Australian Suicide. Australian Suicide gets Pentagon Jr. with a DDT that Andres Maronas calls a brainbuster (more of a DDT) and then one of the other announcers ask, “What did you say, “buster”? What?” Bengala caught Hijo del Fantasma with a huracarana off the ropes. Australian Suicide followed with a shooting star press, but Hijo del Fantasma raised his knees. Bengala and Hijo del Fantasma fight to the outside giving Pentagon Jr. his chance at Australian Suicide and he eliminates him with a package piledriver! Drago cleans house and hits a tornado DDT on Angelico. Jack Evans gets back in and Drago gets a few kicks in and a neckbreaker for a near fall. Angelico throws Drago into a corner with the crucifix bomb and Jack Evans follows with a 630-senton for the pin. Pentagon Jr. rushes back in and kicks Angelico out of the ring. Jack throws a flurry of kicks at Pentagon Jr. Daga gets back in and attacks Evans. Evans goes for another dive, but Daga moves. Pentagon Jr. kicks Evans and goes for another package piledriver and then Daga hits a backcracker and both rudos pin Evans. Bengala might have knocked Fenix silly for a bit because he went for a pin when they were still going to run the ropes a bit. Fenix eliminates Bengala with a piledriver.

Really cool spot where Pentagon Jr. tosses Fenix up in the air and Fenix spins around and then hits a huracarana on Pentagon Jr., who goes to the outside. Fenix flies over the ropes and headscissors Pentagon Jr. on the floor. A couple of medics rush over to Bengala while the action is still going on. Pentagon Jr. powerbombs Fenix on the ramp. Fenix hits a Super Frankensteiner on Pentagon Jr. and then hits a standing moonsault for the pin. Pentagon Jr. eliminated!!!

Final four remaining are Fenix, Daga, Hijo del Fantasma and Angelico. All four brawl. Fenix had quite a wacky sequence were he was going to do something against Hijo del Fantasma, but referee Piero was in his way. He told him to move. He bounces off the ropes and does nothing. Fenix runs on the ropes and then hits a tornillo onto Angelico & Hijo del Fantasma. Daga hits a Canadian Destroyer on Fenix. Then punches him. Follows that up with a chokehold submission to eliminate Fenix. Angelico rushes in and strikes Daga with a knee. Daga hits a tornado DDT and then puts Angelico in a guillotine headlock submission hold. Angelico powers out of the move! Angelico sends Daga into the corner with a crucifix bomb and pins Daga. Hijo del Fantasma sneaks in from behind and kicks him out of the ring. Hijo del Fantasma with a TOPE SUICIDA at Angelico. He sends Angelico over the guardrail. The ref counts to 20 and Hijo del Fantasma gets back into the ring in time and Angelico barely gets in at 19. Angelico hits a knee strike in the corner on Hijo Del Fantasma and another crucifix bomb on Hijo del Fantasma for a 2-count. The two fight on the top rope exchanging chops. Hijo del Fantasma hits a scary looking reverse frankensteiner on Angelico. Hijo del Fantasma wins the match with a piledriver on Angelico to become the new AAA World Cruiserweight Champion. Good match. Fantasma, Hijo del Fantasma’s dad and part of the Box y Lucha commission hands over the new title.

WINNER: Hijo del Fantasma

El Brazo is inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame. They show a video remembering El Brazo. El Brazo’s wife and kids are there for the ceremony and to receive a plaque.

3. Por el Campeonato Reina de Reinas: Fabi Apache (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

– They had a hype video with Fabi and Taya staring each other down with a chess game going on. The SKY PPV feed goes out for a few minutes. The feed comes back and they are still doing introductions! Starts off well. Taya is a bit awkward in the ring. I think that comes from the person she trained with. Taya hits a corner knee strike on Fabi Apache. More feed breaks from Sky PPV. Feed returns and Taya slams Fabi Apache. Fabi gets a 2-count with a Fisherman’s suplex. Fabi argues with referee Hijo del Tirantes. Camera shows that Taya’s nose is bleeding. Announcer Jesus Zuniga mentions that Taya started bleeding after a kick from Fabi Apache. Fabi DDT’s Taya off the middle rope and Hijo de Tirantes gives a slow count and he and Sexy Star start checking Taya’s nose. Taya puts Fabi in a headlock on the ropes. Hijo de Tirantes doesn’t count while the move is illegal. Fabi puts Taya in a palanca and then spins her around. Taya breaks out of the hold. Taya hits a powerbomb on Fabi for a 2-count. Fabi puts Taya in a leglock. Hijo del Tirantes pulls Fabi’s hair to force her to break the hold. Taya takes advantage and slams her to the mat. Fabi hits a top rope suplex on Taya for another slow count from Hijo del Tirantes. Fabi accidentally dropkicks Hijo del Tirantes. Sexy Star runs in, but Fabi catches her in a quebradora. Taya rushes in for a pin attempt on Fabi. Box y Lucha Commissioner Fantasma runs out and tells Sexy Star she has to leave ringside. Security runs out and carries her away. Meanwhile Taya catches Fabi with a sideslam and misses a moonsault. Fabi with a kick on Taya for another 2 count. Fabi misses a senton. Taya with a suplex and then a foot-stomp on Fabi for the pin. Pretty average match.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie

Rayo de Jalisco Sr. is inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame. They show a video of Rayo de Jalisco Sr. Rayo Jr. is there to induct his father. Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hijo del Fantasma and Daga come out to interrupt the festivities. Perro Jr. points out that Rayo de Jalisco Sr. never wrestled in AAA and doesn’t understand why AAA put him in their Hall of Fame. He said the only wrestler that belongs is his father Perro Sr. since he founded AAA. They brawl and Blue Demon Jr. comes out to help Rayo Jr. Security pulls them apart.

4. Steel Cage Match where the loser must get shaved or unmasked – Participants: Blue Demon Jr./Electroshock/La Parka/Averno/Chessman/Jeff Jarrett(El Mesias subs in for Jarrett)

– Averno wore his mask and removed it on the entrance stage. He was also carrying Jarrett’s guitar. They went about 8-9 minutes with entrances. El Mesias as Jarrett’s replacement was introduced 3rd. The announcers brought up it was a surprise, but came off as what it was suppose to be Mesias subbing for Jarrett. Averno and Chessman attack Mesias once he enters the cage. Introductions are still going on. Electroshock slowly made his way to the cage. LOL! He gets in and gets met with a punch by Averno. Feed cuts out as Blue Demon Jr. enters and returns when La Parka already gets out of the cage. Guessing I didn’t miss much since its a cage match. AAA announcer Leo Riano mentions why Jarrett couldn’t make it to the show. Electro tries to escape, but Averno pulls him back down. Averno pretends to do a dive, but tricks everyone by escaping the cage. Chessman is upset at him and gets whacked over the head with a board (part of a broken table) by Electroshock. Blue Demon Jr., El Mesias and Chessman try to escape. Electroshock is bleeding from his forehead. As everyone is brawling in the corner, Blue Demon Jr. climbs over everyone and escapes the cage. More brawling in the cage. Chessman tries to use the guitar, but Mesias kicks him. Mesias then tries to use the guitar, but Electroshock takes it away. Electroshock is going to use it on Chessman, but Averno (who is outside of the cage) throws powder at Electroshock. Chessman grabs the guitar and hits Electroshock over the head with it. El Mesias then tackles Chessman. Mesias starts climbing out of the cage, but Chessman grabs his legs. El Mesias jumps off the top rope and clotheslines Electroshock. Chessman then superkicks Mesias and escapes the cage.

That leaves Mesias and Electroshock. Mesias offers Electro his hand, but Electro slaps him. Mesias misses on a spear and hits the cage. Electroshock then catches him with a diamond cutter and tries to escape the cage. Mesias knocks him off the cage. They exchange a few punches. Mesias powerbombs Electroshock. Mesias nearly climbs out of the cage, but Electroshock drags him back down off the cage. Mesias botches something in a corner and ends up getting slammed by Electroshock. Mesias keeps Electro from escaping the cage. They fight on the top rope a bit. Mesias takes Electroshock down with a top rope backcracker! Mesias climbs out of the cage as Electroshock is laying on the mat grabbing his back. Mesias celebrates with Hugo Savinovich and Vampiro. Electroshock gets his head shaved. Not very good. Had some technical issues during the iPPV and the SKY PPV feeds for this match.

Electroshock and El Mesias brawl after the match. AAA announcers mention that a new rivalry started after that match. Replay shows everything I missed like Chessman jumping off the cage thru a table and La Parka escaping the cage.

WINNER: El Mesias

5. Mascara contra Caballera: Psycho Clown vs. Hijo del Texano

– They switched the match order around with this match going on before the Copa Triplemania XXII match. They promote an ice cream promotion and hand out DVDs or videogames. That makes no sense at all. :) They air the hype video for the match. Saruman makes an appearance in a Psycho Clown video juggling. WTF?

Psycho Clown brings out an even bigger guitar than Jarrett usually brings out. Texano Jr. is accompanied by Hijo del Fantasma. Psycho Clown’s seconds for the match is a midget clown. Uh-oh!!! Rafa El Maya is the heel ref for the match. Hijo del Fantasma is shown hiding a fork! AAA announcer Arturo Rivera mentioned how the Alvarado family (Psycho Clown is the son of Brazo de Plata/Super Porky) has a bad history in hair and mask matches. Psycho has the edge early on and throws a few punches, but Rafa El Maya pulls him off. Texano Jr. gets thrown to the outside and Psycho Clown hits a tope suicida! Psycho Clown goes for a second tope, but Texano Jr. hits him with a chair. Texano Jr. rips apart Psycho Clowns mask. AAA announcer Jesus Zuniga mentions how Texano Jr. has already had several stip match victories over the Alvarado family including beating Psycho Clown’s brother Maximo in a hair match and later teaming with El Terrible to beat Super Porky and Maximo in another hair match. Texano Jr. hits Psycho Clown with a chair. Psycho Clown is now bleeding. Hijo del Fantasma hands Texano Jr. the fork and Psycho Clown is bleeding heavily. Psycho recovers, but Rafa el Maya kills his momentum and then Hijo del Fantasma interferes. Hijo del Fantasma beats up Mini Clown.

Texano Jr. continues to go after Psycho Clown’s forehead and keeps ripping at his mask. Fork is used a bit more and Rafa El Maya does very little to stop Texano Jr. from using it. AAA crew is checking in on Mini Clown who is down on the floor. Texano Jr. gets a nearfall using the ropes for leverage. Texano Jr. grabs his rope and whips Psycho Clown a bit. Murder Clown comes out and is now the second. He brings along a chair. The commissioner also comes out and kicks Rafa El Maya out. Referee El Piero and the guy who is half commissioner/half doctor at lucha shows also comes out. Psycho Clown gets a near fall and Piero does a fast count, but Texano Jr. breaks out.

Texano Jr. continues to dominate the match. Psycho makes a comeback and slams Texano Jr. He gets a couple of near falls on Texano Jr. Texano Jr. gets thrown out of the ring again and Psycho Clown hits another tope suicida. The audio has a ton of issues during the match. Psycho Clown hits Texano Jr. with a chair. They brawl a bit more on the outside. Psycho Clown hits a senton at Texano Jr. in the crowd. Now Texano Jr. is bleeding. Psycho Clown hits him with a chair. The announcers mention Psycho Clown can end the “Alvarado curse”. Psycho celebrates a bit too much and Texano Jr. gets him with a backcracker. Texano Jr. hits Psycho with a chair. Hijo del Fantasma brings in a table and helps Texano Jr. set it up. Texano Jr. tries to suplex Psycho Clown onto the table, but Psycho rolls him up for a 2-count. Psycho Clown places Texano Jr. on the table and climbs the ropes, but Hijo del Fantasma hits him with a chair. Texano Jr. climbs onto the ropes, but Psycho Clown powebombs him thru the table. He only gets a 2-count. Box y Lucha commissioner Fantasma comes out and throws his son out!

Psycho hits a top rope plancha, but Texano Jr. reverses momentum and gets a 2-count. Texano Jr. gets another 2-count on Psycho Clown after a powerbomb. Texano Jr. falls to the outside. Psycho Clown then dives over referee El Piero at Texano Jr. Texano Jr’s turn to hit a big dive to the outside on Psycho Clown. Psycho Clown trips Texano Jr. while he runs on the apron. Texano Jr. rushes back in and puts Psycho Clown in La Cavernaria. Psycho gets a nearfall. Psycho Clown brings in another table. Psycho Clown ends up being thrown into the table by Texano Jr. Texano Jr. only gets a 2-count. Texano Jr. climbs to the top rope, but Psycho Clown gets him with a frontcracker. Psycho gets another near fall. Texano Jr. sends Psycho Clown crashing to the mat after a top rope suplex. Lots of near pinfalls to close out the match. Texano Jr. uses his rope, but Psycho escapes and hits a Canadian Destroyer for another near fall on Texano Jr. Murder Clown brings in another table into the ring. Psycho Clown hits a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope thru the table and pins Texano Jr. for the win. Very good match.

Psycho Clown’s mom is shown in the crowd cheering him on. Monsther Clown comes out to join Psycho Clown and Murder Clown to celebrate the win. Texano Jr. cuts his own hair and tosses it at Psycho Clown. Psycho Clown then goes over and cuts more of Texano Jr’s hair. The barber does the rest of the work. Texano Jr. shakes Psycho Clown’s hand and raises it in the air.

WINNER: Psycho Clown

6. 4 Way Dance por la Copa Triplemania XXII: Cibernetico vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Myzteziz vs. Perro Aguayo Jr.

– Video hyping the match and mentions Copa Triplemania has been handed out since the Triplemania held in Japan. I don’t remember them handing out a Copa in any other Triplemanias. Cibernetico did show up for the match. There was a weird echo effect for a few seconds during Cibernetico’s entrance. Dr. Wagner Jr. comes out with his son Hijo de Dr. Wagner. Perro Aguayo Jr. comes out and its probably not ideal to have Arturo Rivera singing along to Perro’s entrance song. Perro Jr. grabs a beer from a fan and then dumps it on himself! Myzteziz is the last man to enter using “Ameno”. He has bodypaint. Perro Jr. stares him down. Jesus Zuniga mentions this is the first Copa Triplemania. Now I have no clue what the video was talking about earlier.

Everyone goes after Dr. Wagner Jr. to start the match. Wagner has a bandage on his left shoulder from a deep cut he suffered the previous Sunday in Monterrey in a match against L.A. Park. Wagner gets thrown into the crowd and Perro Jr. attacks him. Perro Jr bites at Doc’s shoulder. Cibernetico and Myzteziz fight in the ring. Doc is bleeding from his shoulder. Perro Jr. and Cibernetico attack him with a chair. Popcorn tossed at Perro Jr.

All four back in the ring. Perro Jr. continues to attack Dr. Wagner Jr. with chairs and biting at his shoulder. Perro Jr. rips apart Myzteziz mask in one corner while Cibernetico attacks Dr. Wagner Jr. on another corner. Vampiro looks over Dr. Wagner Jr.’s bloody shoulder. Myzteziz is now bleeding for the first time in AAA. Crowd seems a bit dead early in the match, but I think they poorly mic’d the building. Myzteziz hits a couple of headscissors and then follows with a 619 on Perro Jr. Dr. Wagner Jr. in with Myzteziz. Wagner hits his running senton off the ring apron to the floor on Myzteziz. Dr. Wagner Jr. then catapults Myzteziz into the ringpost. Cibernetico clotheslines Doc a few times. A couple of exchanges until Myzteziz dropkicks Cibernetico out of the ring. Doc rips at Myzteziz mask and Myz is bleeding heavily. Myzteziz jumps off the ropes, but Dr. Wagner Jr. moves and gets Myzteziz in a diamond cutter. Myzteziz goes for La Mistica, but Cibernetico makes the save. Perro then runs back in as well.

Myzteziz goes for a moonsault, but Perro Jr. raises his legs and Myzteziz bounces into the table. Cibernetico goes for a chokeslam on Dr. Wagner Jr., but his son makes the save. Cibernetico chokeslams Hijo de Dr. Wagner. Dr. Wagner Jr. gets Ciber in a dragon screw legwhip, goes for a 2nd attempt, but Ciber blocks it. Cibernetico then chokeslams Dr. Wagner Jr. for the pin. Myzteziz hits a plancha on Cibernetico, but Ciber slams him down. Ciber slams Myzteziz a second time. Cibernetico gives Myzteziz a weak chokeslam. Cibernetico goes for a 2nd chokeslam, but Myzteziz reverses it into an armbar submission. That leaves Perro Jr. and Myzteziz and they exchange a few punches. Myzteziz goes for La Mistica, but Perro Jr. breaks out of La Mistica. He then hits him with a clothesline and grabs a chair. Referee El Piero takes the chair away and while he’s distracted Perro Jr. fouls Myzteziz to win the match. Average match.

WINNER: Hijo del Perro Aguayo

A trio of women bring out the Copa Triplemania XXII, but Alberto Del Rio’s music hits. Alberto Del Rio, El Patron, comes out and tells Perro Jr. he was very disrespectful throughout the show. El Patron said Perro Jr. was disrespectful to him, his father (Dos Caras Jr.), Rayo De Jalisco Jr., Myzteziz & Blue Demon Jr. Hijo del Perro Aguayo slaps El Patron but the camera misses the slap. El Patron tells Perro Jr. that even if this causes him to have to be in a legal battle for a long time, he wants a match with Hijo del Perro Aguayo now. Joaquin Roldan tells El Patron they will stand beside him in any legal battle, so go ahead and do what you gotta do. Perro Jr. attacks El Patron and rips his shirt off. El Patron recovers and clotheslines Perro Jr., puts him in a quebradora and then puts his armbar submission on him. Hijo del Fantasma and Daga run out to help Perro Jr. to the back. El Patron along with Blue Demon, Dos Caras Sr., Joaquin Roldan and Rayo De Jalisco Jr. raise hands in celebration.

OVERALL: Good show. First two matches, the semi-main event and the Del Rio segments were all pretty good to great. Women’s singles match was hurt by Taya’s nose breaking and she hasn’t really been in too many singles matches in AAA. Cage match was pretty bad. Main event had a few moments were it dragged, but the closing segment with Del Rio confronting Perro Jr. was good.

I couldn’t get the iPPV to work well at all for several days. Last time that I attempted to try to check it was late Wednesday and by that point, I just watched the Sky PPV version. That also had issues. AAA started airing Triplemania XXII on regular television, so I’d probably watch that when they post it to youtube.

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2 Responses to “RECAP: Triplemania XXII 8/17/14”
  1. Equay33 says:

    They really want to do something about the pre-match audio. it was kind of odd listening to Vampiro asking Hugo if he wanted a hit. Not sure if they were smoking a joint at the announcers table or not but that was a bit awkward. They should have had some matches or something so the two could get warmed up and try to get comfortable doing commentary.

    For me it was a good ppv. During the first airing I switched from the English to the Spanish as well. I am not sure why they were having such a hard time calling the match. Especially since both have been in the business for so long you would think this would be like second nature to them.

    Is there an issue with calling Mamba and Pimpinela transgender? Because Vampiro and Hugo seemed to have a problem with calling them transgender like they weren’t supposed to. It isn’t that hard to describe who they are. Then they wouldn’t tell you who was who which was annoying. I had family there who haven’t watched AAA and I was doing better commentary lol.

    I thought the first match was excellent and everyone really seemed to step up their games. Not sure if it was because it was a big ppv or the mini wrestlers were trying to show they needed to be utilized more (which they really should). I was really impressed I have to say.

    I was really happy to see Drago in the cruiserweight match. I knew he wouldn’t win (even though I was hoping he would) but I thought it was kind of odd that Hijo del Fantasma won and his dad is the commissioner. I fully expected either Fenix of Daga (this is off topic but in the language of my people Daga means please so my sister was having a field day with his name lol) to pull it out and get the win.

    I skipped over the match with Faby and Taya because I really had no interest in seeing them go against each other again. I have seen them in plenty of mixed tag matches so this wasn’t really anything special for me.

    The steel cage match wasn’t really anything to rave about and the competitors are really starting to show their ages. Mesias showing up wasn’t much of a surprise and Jarrett not being there didn’t really hurt the match any I thought. La Parka getting out first was kind of a disappointment. I was glad when Chessman got out because I really didn’t want him to lose his hair. But all the bumps he has taken over the years are starting to show when he is in the ring. he doesn’t do much anymore. I think he is just there to make others look good now. He did do a spot off the top of the cage which was during electroshocks entrance so we didn’t get to see it. I was glad to see Mesias win though I was confused when Electroshock attacked him afterward. I am guessing this is a new feud? I though Electro had a feud with Jarrett?

    Very disappointed the match between Psycho Clown and Texano Jr.wasn’t the main event like I felt it should have been. I know they were having the very first Triplemania cup and all but trying to make that more important than a luchadores mask or hair was plain stupid in my opinion. Especially when Vampiro and Hugo were stressing how important that was. All in all a good match and aside from the stipulation not much different than the one they had at Verano de Escandalo. I was rooting for Texano Jr. I have to be honest and my sister said there was no way Psycho Clown would lose his mask and she was right. Glad to see Texano Jr. man up at the end and recognize Psycho Clown as the winner.

    The Copa was good. I really wish Ciber would have put a shirt on because nobody should have to see his man boobs flying all over the place (I am guessing steroid use in the past?). I have never been a huge fan of Ciber because his in ring work has never been good. Yes he is handsome but that is pretty much all he had going for him well that and he is decent on the mic. He has never had good in ring skills.

    I was really pulling for Dr.Wagner Jr. to win this one. I was worried about his cut and the fact he was supposed to take time off but wrestled anyway. He is still pretty good in the ring for his age (and way better than Hogan ever was) and always entertaining for me anyway.

    I see since Volador Jr. started wearing it to the ring, body paint is starting to become the in thing now.
    Mysteziz is far better off in Mexico then in WWE where he had to water down his style and couldn’t really mesh well with the WWE style of wrestling. A vast improvement I have to say.

    I really think Perro Aguayo Jr. should stop ingesting other people’s blood. I know it shows how crazy he is but it is just disturbing not to mention incredibly unsanitary. Disappointed he won the match but his feud with El Patron should be interesting whenever it happens.

  2. Alfredo says:

    You didn’t miss much skipping Taya vs. Fabi. Unfortunately, Taya isn’t quite at the level of Fabi to be wrestling a singles match against her. AAA really likes Taya though.

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