Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

VIDEOS & RECAP: En Busca De Un Idolo 3/25/14 thru 4/8/14


Written By Alfredo Esparza

3/25/14 Arena Mexico:

Cachorro, Cavernario, Dragon Lee, Guerrero Negro Jr., Hechicero, Soberano Jr., Star Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. b Black Panther, Canelo Casas, El Rebelde, Espiritu Negro, Flyer, Herodes Jr., Metálico, Oro Jr. [cibernetico]

Good torneo cibernetico. Would have been great, but I think they went overboard with the dives that by about the 24-25 minute mark crowd was a bit dead for the finish. The stars of the match had to be Hechicero, Barbaro Cavernario, Cachorro & Soberano Jr., but if you watch the match you notice there is a clear separation between Hechicero & Barbaro Cavernario to almost everyone else that was in this match and also why early in the En Busca de Un Idolo competition its looking like Hechicero’s to lose. The tecnicos are all way too similar. Cachorro though is far ahead of several of the young tecnicos. Soberano Jr. caught several guys doing dives in this match. Very impressive considering how skinny he is right now. Definitely a fun match everyone should watch. Thought it was on its way to being a match of the year candidate (could still be), but right around the time Metalico stuck around with his injured shoulder and turned on Oro Jr. (which I’m sure will be long forgotten by CMLL) crowd died and it dragged along a bit.

The two teams were split the following way:

Team Negro Casas: Dragon Lee, Soberano Jr., Cavernario, Cachorro
Team Virus: Hechicero, Guerrero Negro Jr., Super Halcon Jr., Star Jr.

There is fan voting at the En Busca de Un Idolo official website.

There are 4 judges for each show with the tournament going on Fridays and Tuesdays. The three regular judges are Tirantes, Mr. Niebla and Shocker. The fourth judge will change for every show. I’m going to add a “judging the judges” part after each day of the tournament because I think they deserve some criticism as well.

4/4/14 Arena Mexico:

Dragon Lee vs Soberano Jr. in a En Busca de un… by thecubsfan

Dragon Lee b Soberano Jr. [En Busca de un Idolo]

– Ok match. They mostly stuck to what they know how to do which is a lot of dives and not much in the ring. Still impressed with Soberano Jr. being good at catching others doing dives. Dragon Lee gets the win with a belly-to-back suplex off the top rope. Negro Casas was the trainer for both wrestlers in the match.

Judges thoughts on Dragon Lee:

Dragon Rojo Jr.: He mentioned he had 3 observations. 1) Liked his presentation (gear) 2) Needs to show him more in the ring with holds because he did a lot of dives, but not much else. 3) Also thought he should work more for the crowd. He did like what Dragon Lee did in the match.

Shocker: Mira, Dragon Lee was ok. He liked his presentation and his moves. Then Shocker decides to ignore Julio Cesar Rivera’s comment about waiting until after everyone gives their critique to give their point total.

Mr. Niebla: Thought Dragon Lee did a great job with his presentation, but thought he didn’t hit well. No idea what Mr. Niebla was talking about…LOL! Said he hit Soberano Jr. like he was part of the family. He liked his finisher and congratulated him.

Tirantes: He mentioned Dragon Lee spent so much time working on his presentation that he thought he was at a carnival. Then he mentioned that its called “En Busca de Un Idolo” and not “En Busca de Voladores” because all they did in the match were dives. Wasn’t impressed.

POINT TOTALS: 8, 7, 7, 2

Judges thoughts on Soberano Jr.:

Dragon Rojo Jr.: Three observations for Soberano Jr. (You could see during the match that Dragon Rojo Jr. was taking notes to give guys legit critiques of their match) 1) he liked that Soberano Jr. used some “rudo” techniques in the match. 2) Liked his moves 3) needs to get stronger….LOL! (He really does, but its Dragon Rojo Jr. providing that advice!)

Shocker: Mira! Liked everything that he did in the match, but thought he got distracted against his opponent and that cost him the match. Needs to concentrate more in his matches.

Mr. Niebla: He mentioned that he noticed Soberano Jr. praying a bit and understood he was nervous and that its natural for all professionals to be a little nervous when getting into the ring, but he told him that God isn’t going to help him wrestle, that he needs to be the one doing all the work. He needs to train and be better prepared. He thought he did well.

Tirantes: He said that guys like Soberano Jr. don’t deserve to even wash the lockerroom! LOL! He said Soberano Jr. has a big ego and that he spends more time worrying about how he looks for the girls and doesn’t deserve anything more than a 1.

POINT TOTALS: 7, 8, 7, 1

Cachorro vs Star Jr. in a En Busca de un Idolo… by thecubsfan

Cachorro b Star Jr. [En Busca de un Idolo]

– Good match. Both did more in the ring technically than the previous two on the same night. Cachorro seems to be the one young tecnico who could end up being more than just another high-flyer. He hit a tope to the outside on Star Jr. Also used a half crab/armbar submission to get the win. Star Jr. has tons of athleticism. He hit a really nice tornillo to the outside. He has some potential as well.

Judges thoughts on Cachorro:

Dragon Rojo Jr.: Said that he recommends that Cachorro be in “attack-mode” as soon as he steps into the ring. Also suggested he should look happier with what he does in the ring because fans will appreciate what he’s doing. Overall liked what he did in the match.

Shocker: MIRA!!!! Said he liked the moves and needs to have a little more confidence in what he’s doing out there.

Mr. Niebla: Wanted him to show a little more.

Tirantes: He said this match took the bitter taste away from the previous match. He mentioned that both guys showed up and had a good match, but the point of this isn’t just to have a good match, but this is a tournament/competition to find the new star. Someone who can main event in Arena Mexico, Estadio Azteca or Madison Square Garden (LOL! Well…maybe Tirantes). He told Cachorro there are two things that could hold him back because he’s seen it happen with many other 2nd generation wrestlers. One is living up to his father’s (Blue Panther) reputation. The other is jealousy from those in the back who have worked hard to get a spot and he is the one in this competition. Tirantes told him that he’s shown that he can wrestle and thinks he has a shot to win.

POINT TOTALS: 8, 6, 7, 5

Judges thoughts Star Jr.:

Dragon Rojo Jr.: Same comments he gave Cachorro. He loved the tornillo that Star Jr. did in the match.

Shocker: MIRA!!!!!! Said he had good presence, good schooling, and did well. Keep training and working hard. Thinks he will do well.

Mr. Niebla: Said he has to show more. Not really adding much to the judging segments.

Tirantes: He mentioned that Star Jr. was very similar to Soberano Jr. with his ego. Mentioned he shouldn’t act that way just starting out and that’s only allowed for guys who have been in the business for 20 or more years, guys like Shocker and Mil Mascaras. So, I’m guessing Tirantes thinks the kids are jerks. :) He said they should leave their egos at home. Thinks Star Jr. is on the right track to becoming a main eventer and he should be there in 20 years! LOL!

POINT TOTALS: 7, 6, 6, 4

JUDGING THE JUDGES: Tirantes isn’t just a great promo, but he’s the guy who while ripping some guys to shreds at times, is actually throwing in hints on how guys should improve and what they need to do to actually win En Busca de Un Idolo or at least improve. Shocker seems so disinterested in this. Mr. Niebla is the same, but he at least is trying to make jokes, though not good. Only reason to have Mr. Niebla out there is to have Zacarias El Perico out there pointing at Tirantes while he’s talking. Dragon Rojo Jr. actually took notes during the matches and gave everyone his observations on what they did in the ring. He’s also surprisingly nice to everyone. He started every critique with a “Good evening” to the wrestler he was about to judge. If you can win over Tirantes, you’ve got this tournament.

4/8/14 Arena Mexico:

Hechicero vs Cavernario in a En Busca de un… by thecubsfan

Hechicero vs Cavernario [En Busca de un Idolo]

– Really good match. These two are the ones most think have the best odds of winning with Hechicero being a super worker and Cavernario having tons of charisma. Hechicero had an absolutely insane bump in this match that thecubsfan had to create an animated gif for it!


That bump was scary. He actually does that bump in the ring where he’ll bounce off the ropes and land that way, so while it was insane, he’s done it in the past only this time we saw him do it outside on the guardrail. I believe the spot is suppose to be him doing a legdrop with his opponent moving out of the way, so he hits the rail (or ropes) and bounces off it that way. He’s a mad man! Zacarias El Perico actually turned to watch the replay on the jumbotron! Cavernario hits a top rope plancha to the floor on Hechicero! Another mad man! Hechicero used his spinning armlock into a backbreaker that is awesome. He then did a variation of a half crab only he rolled Cavernario around (kind of like a rolling tapatia) and then stopped and applied more pressure to get the submission victory. Judges applauded!

Judges thoughts on Hechicero:

Euforia: Congratulated him for a great match and overall performance.

Shocker: Mira! He recognized that Hechicero gave 100% in the match and was in awe of his performance.

Mr. Niebla: He said he was very impressed with his performance and mentioned how he brought something completely different to CMLL.

Tirantes: He said Hechicero was the best wrestler he has seen in the 3 years of the En Busca de Un Idolo tournament! He said he not only could be the “Idolo” of this year’s tournament, but of all 3 editions of En Busca de Un Idolo.

POINT TOTALS: 10, 10, 9, 7

Judges thoughts on Cavernario:

Euforia: Told Cavernario that he also had a great performance, but was over-confident and that cost him against Hechicero.

Shocker: WHOA! Started his critique differently this time around! Thought he also had a great performance and had a good presentation as well. Told Cavernario he has a good shot of winning if he keeps working hard.

Mr. Niebla: Also praised him on his performance and told him he lost because he was over-confident. Also made a vulgar joke.

Tirantes: Also liked his performance and mentioned how he lost the match, but there’s still a lot more matches in the En Busca de Un Idolo tournament.

POINT TOTALS: 9, 10, 8, 7

Súper Halcón Jr. vs Guerrero Negro Jr… by thecubsfan

Súper Halcón Jr. vs Guerrero Negro Jr. [En Busca de un Idolo]

– Well, Guerrero Negro Jr. gets points from me for using Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as his entrance music. Not very good. They had a hard time following the Cavernario vs. Hechicero match, but they never got the fans behind them. Virus (mentor for both in the competition) was shown nodding his head disapprovingly after the match. Super Halcon Jr. did this wacky submission hold that looked like he was making Guerrero Negro Jr. skip in the ring. Super Halcon Jr. won with his moonsault. Worst match out of the first four in the tournament.

Judges thoughts on Super Halcon Jr.:

Euforia: Mentioned that he liked his presentation and how he entered the ring, but once he got into the ring and wrestled, he slipped and needs to use the same attitude he showed entering the ring.

Shocker: MIRA! He mentioned a good tecnico has to appear like he’s going to do whatever he has to in order to win the match, has a good attitude, great condition and could do some solid wrestling. Shocker felt Super Halcon Jr. didn’t show enough of this and needs to train more.

Mr. Niebla: He mentioned Super Halcon Jr. looked nervous and needs to train more and pointed out that the fans whistled at them because they didn’t like their attitude in the match.

Tirantes: He tells Super Halcon Jr. that he’s only missing one thing and that is to change his profession! OUCH!

POINT TOTALS: 6, 6, 6, 2

Judges thoughts Guerrero Negro Jr.:

Euforia: Needs to show more attitude in his match. He said Guerrero Negro Jr. was over-confident in this match.

Shocker: Mira! Liked how Guerrero Negro Jr. started the match and then he just fell into the trap of wrestling like his opponent and lost.

Mr. Niebla: Mentioned that he had a good presence when first appearing, but didn’t really show any of that in his match.

Tirantes: Wasn’t as harsh with Guerrero Negro Jr. Told him he had a bad night, but seemed to be telling him to clear his mind and come back stronger next time.

POINT TOTALS: 6, 6, 8, 3

Judging The Judges: Shocker and Mr. Niebla seemed a little more interested watching Tuesday’s matches. Euforia added very little in his comments. Tirantes was nicer on Tuesday. I mentioned in a recap of one of the Sunday shows that Hechicero is the kind of wrestler, others go out of their way to watch and I think he was good enough to both get the judges into watching the matches on Tuesday and it made it difficult to judge everyone else when you’ve got a clear-cut lock to win this tournament.

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