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VIDEO & RECAP: Tercera Caida 3/5/14 w/ Octagon & Fuerza Guerrera

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Joining Tercera Caida host Jose Manuel Guillen this week as co-host is Fuerza Guerrera! Regular co-host Bernardo Guzman is still on his honeymoon.


  • CMLL Press Conference recap! Bonus interviews with Shocker & Rush. Shocker gets upset at Jose Manuel Guillen for not picking him as the winner of the upcoming hair match with Rush. Fuerza Guerrera wonders what Negro Casas is doing there if he’s as old as he is and he’s going to get hurt by the younger guys. Clearly Fuerza hasn’t been watching CMLL. Fuerza praises Marcela as a good worker. Fuerza Guerrera talked about how to get to that next level you have to beat a top star and he recalls having to beat guys like Aristóteles (in Acapulco) and Chamaco Valaguez (in Cuernavaca) to move up the ladder.
  • La Sombra vs. Dragon Rojo Jr. highlights. Very good match! Fuerza mentioned match looked good. Fuerza mentioned you can’t hide talent and these two had an excellent match.
  • Sin Cara vs. Black Warrior TJ highlights! Great job editing the match down since it was pretty bad.
  • Super Nova vs. Eterno! Fuerza was Eterno’s second and mentioned Eterno’s still hurt.
  • Hechicero interviewed. Talks about wanting for years to appear in CMLL. Glad to finally be there. Said he still uses the Rey Hechicero name on independent shows, but CMLL preferred to use him as just “Hechicero” and he’s ok with that. Was grateful to be included in the lucha de maestros match on March 23rd for ChilangaMask. He’ll be teaming with Arkangel against Solar and Negro Navarro.
  • Arkangel interviewed about the Lucha de Maestros match  at the ChilangaMask show.  Said he and Hechicero are the ones who have to prove themselves against the two legends.
  • Coacalco highlights! Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. El Magnifico!
  • Fuerza Guerrera mentions he could beat Super Nova in TWO FALLS!
  • Tulancingo highlights featuring Super Crazy, Pesadilla and Rocky Lobo! Semi-main with the winner getting a shot with Pro Wrestlling NOAH. Ultimate Security ends up winning match. Jinzo actually got 1st place and will be heading to Japan. Vengador Radioactivo finished in 2nd place and Artikus in 3rd! Jose Manuel mentioned Artikus was part of the Dinastia Crazy, but I’m not sure if that is meant as he was trained by Super Crazy or part of the family.  Main event highlights featuring Matt Striker are shown as well. Jose Manuel Guillen mentioned that for next week’s show they’ll air an interview they did with Striker.  Jinzo in his interview said he was very surprised to win and its an honor to get the opportunity to work in NOAH. Jinzo thanked everyone!
  • Arena Lopez Mateos highlights featuring Kraneo and the main event of Ultimo Guerrero & Gran Guerrero vs. Atlantis & Guerrero Maya Jr.! Also Sunday show highlights with Ricky Marvin and Matt Striker in action. Building was pretty empty for both shows.
  • Fuerza Guerrera is asked if he likes extreme wrestling and said he likes it when its done right. Points out that the older luchadores did extreme wrestling with chairs, bottles, tossing each other into seats, etc. He dislikes extreme wrestling when it involves setting things up. Thinks its stupid to have to wait for your opponent or someone else to set up the chairs or tables. He said its all trash and mentions how it hurts more to punch a dude in the face than staple his forehead or hit him with a neon light.  He said he thinks it should be called something different because its not really extreme wrestling and more something sadistic. Jose Manuel segues into talking about a promotion that does “extreme wrestling” the right way….DTU. LOL!
  • Violento Jack interview about DTU and his opponent Jhonki. Followed by a Jhonki interview.
  • Cerebro Negro calls in to the show. They show highlights from the benefit show held for him. Said he’s doing better. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital and has to spend some time recovering from his illness. He was very thankful for everyone’s support.

GUEST: Octagon

Fuerza Guerrera talks about WWL and mentions fans get tired of watching the same thing and it happens with everyone and thinks WWL is bringing something new and that fans haven’t seen. Fuerza Guerrera is upset that Octagon is the guest. Fuerza Guerrera out of respect will stay on the show. Fuerza Guerrera tells Octagon the real reason that HE (Fuerza) left AAA was that he liked his freedom as an independent. Octagon mentions he is independent and no longer in AAA. Octagon mentioned he’s been everywhere telling people he’s no longer in AAA. Octagon mentioned that his rivalry with Fuerza Guerrera is a classic and it will be seen in all the arenas. Sounds like they’re using the rivalry to get bookings together. They air the 3-way with Octagon vs. Fuerza Guerrera vs. Huracan Ramirez Jr. from the early ’90s. They also air highlights of the Octagon vs. Fuerza Guerrera match from Arena Coliseo from the early ’90s.

They talk about having a mask match AGAIN!!!! Some more current clips of the two again. Octagon wants a mask match within the year against Fuerza Guerrera. Fuerza mentions Hijo del Santo said the same thing and he backed out due to getting injured. They will have two singles matches this upcoming weekend on WWL shows in Arena Xalapa and Plan Sexenal in Mexico. Fuerza Guerrera tells Octagon that before he was created Fuerza was already an established wrestler and he taught him everything. Octagon agrees. Quite the debate there.

Top 10 Moves of the Week!
10. Bastardos quadruple team Corsario Negro Jr.
9. Kamaitachi with his awesome running the ramp dropkick on Rey Cometa!
8. Superfrankensteiner by Gotita de Plata!
7. Delta with his corner dive on Morphosis
6. Hombre Bala Jr. dive onto Nitro
5. Tigre Rojo moonsault on Disturbio in Arena Puebla
4. La Sombra corner knee strike on Dragon Rojo Jr.!
3. Stuka Jr’s corner dive onto Vangellys!
2. Rocky Lobo’s headscissors on Super Crazy!
1. Pequeno Halcon’s rolling tapatia on Pequeno Nitro!

Bonus Move:
– Micro Amo with a moonsault. Later gets suplexed!

Jose Manuel Guillen mentions Octagon Jr. who was Samuray del Sol (now in WWE as Kalisto). Octagon mentioned that Samuray del Sol asked him if he was ok with him leaving to join WWE and Octagon said he had no problem especially given that he was from the US anyway. Octagon mentioned he left AAA because he got more opportunities as an independent like finally getting a mask match (not likely) with Fuerza Guerrera. Fuerza Guerrera gets upset and leaves the show. Octagon said Fuerza Guerrera has been his toughest rival. Octagon said he has no plans to go to Arena Mexico for CMLL. Yeah, I don’t think CMLL is going to be asking him to join them either, but heck, Tirantes is there and that was a bit of a surprise, so you never know.

Surprised that Fuerza Guerrera didn’t sneak behind Octagon and tie him up to something with his mask tassles!


Octagon and Fuerza Guerrera kept building up their rivarly and their upcoming matches. Also kept talking about the mask match. Fuerza Guerrera wondered if Octagon even owned the rights to his name and thinks it would be risky for a promoter to sign a mask match between the two because AAA might make a fuss over the Octagon name. Fuerza Guerrera mentioned that early in his career when he would go into mask matches, people would always tell him he was losing including against All-Star and Rocky Starr. Jose Manuel mentions to Octagon that some fans want to see him team up or wrestle with Atlantis. Octagon said he left in “good terms” from CMLL and has no problems with the Lutteroth family. LOL! Octagon mentions all he did was leave with Antonio Pena to start AAA, but still in his mind thinks he’s in good terms with CMLL. Um…Yeah right! Octagon said it was very difficult to leave AAA since he was one of the guys who started AAA. Octagon thinks fans want to see him against Fuerza Guerrera because they’re seeing the same matches all the time. Octagon hopes to wrestle against Atlantis on the independents. Fuerza Guerrera rips on Octagon’s mask wins like against Jaque Mate and Pentagon as not so noteworthy since both had wrestled under other masks multiple times. Octagon wishes AAA well and has no problems with them. Doesn’t have any interest talking about them and again talks about hoping promoters book the rivalry match-up of Octagon and Fuerza Guerrera.

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