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AAA on Galavision 4/24/10 (3/19/10)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

aaa-logoFirst AAA recap in a looooooooooooong time. This is the second half of the 3/19/10 show held at the Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera. Featuring the tag team title match between La Hermandad and Pro Wrestling Noah’s Takeshi Morishima & Taiji Ishimori and the AAA return of Heavy Metal.

Before I go any further, while going through the show to see what matches aired this week, I noticed there were moments were there were no matches. Uh-oh…TNA…YIKES! Should I just mention this might be the last AAA review you see on this site now or wait until I finish watching the show? I predict recaps of the DDT shows will be replacing my AAA reviews really soon.

AAA TV (FRI) 03/19 Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera:

Show opens with a recap of the mercenaries, La Hermandad and their problems with Konnan and Joaquin Roldan getting them to help Pimpinela join Los Wagnermaniacos. L.A. Park talks about La Parka (AAA).

The entire Foreign Legion in the ring with Konnan and Dorian Roldan talking about the Foreign Legion in 2010 and Dorian Roldan’s own faction. Big Daddy D with a shout-out to L.A. Park. He says he’s here to prove he’s the original and authentic (in reference to La Parka). Also announces the return of an original. Konnan introduces Heavy Metal. Tepid enthusiasm from the fans when Heavy Metal comes out. Heavy Metal’s glad to be back. He thanks Dorian and Konnan and admits that they made him a very good offer, but says he’ll give his decision at the end of the show. Heavy says he’s here to see his dad, Pepe “Tropi” Casas. The Foreign Legion and Roldan want an answer now, but Heavy asks them to wait for his answer until later on the show. Dorian being a dick wants him to say yes or no now, but Heavy asks to wait because who wouldn’t want to work with a group were the numbers on his side. Dorian agrees and shakes his hand.


Backstage Konnan confronts La Hermandad 187. Konnan asks them why they helped Pimpinela and Lider reminds him that they are mercenaries and they do what they’re paid to do and Joaquin Roldan paid them to do that. Lider’s promos have improved significantly in the last year.

Konnan gets upset at Lider for standing up to him and tells Nicho to back him away. Nicho reminds Konnan that its all about money. Lider ends with “bizness es bizness”!

Taiji Ishimori & Takeshi Morishima b Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario [AAA TAG]


Adrian Adonis & Jimmy Hart

Seriously, who came up with Ishimori and Morishima as a tag team? Was it someone in a drunken stupor who jokingly said, “Ya know what would be funny if we could get a chubby guy teaming with a short muscular guy….and they were Japanese. HA HA!” This is like the equivalent of teaming Adorable Adrian Adonis with like…um….Paul Roma. I think someone was going with a tag team that would have an abstract look between the two wrestlers.

Takeshi Morishima works like Terry Gordy, looks like a chubby Akira Hokuto. Hokuto without makeup. AAA edecanes trying to dance to La Hermandad’s entrance music was pretty odd.

Match starts when La Hermandad is being introduced and the Japanese team Pearl Harbor’s them! YAY! It only took me less than 700 words to get the “Pearl Harbor” reference for Japanese wrestlers. CYBER HIGH-FIVE! By the way, is there an app I can add were a giant hand pops-up on people’s screens? Yes, no? Lider gets hit by a springboard elbow while seated on a chair by Ishimori. If I was booking AAA, next show, you’d see Morishima in jeans, cowboy hat and boots attack La Hermandad. Team NOAH does this cool looking corner spot were Lider’s laying on the mat with his head on the bottom turnbuckle, Morishima stands on his shoulder/upper chest region and Ishimori climbs up on Morishima to add more weight on Joseph Lider.


Back from break and Team NOAH is still in control of this match. La Hermandad regains control of the match by using a chair. Don’t let Bryan Alvarez watch this! Okay pretty sloppy moments during this match as La Hermandad can’t pick up Takeshi Morishima and then Joe Lider does this awful looking belly-to-belly suplex on Ishimori. Horrible. Good thing Nicho has that bandana to cover up his face because I’d imagine he was probably saying to himself, “This is awful!”

This match should have been shorter. Right after that screwy sequence, match kind of died down and then picked up when La Hermandad was chopping Morishima, followed by Morishima chopping them back. Finish comes with Lider dropkicking Morishima to the outside and then following up with an Asai Moonsault, while Ishimori is on the top rope landing a 450-splash on Nicho for the win.

Konnan comes out and tells La Hermandad 187 that he just showed them that all belts were going to be with The Foreign Legion.

Hernandez & Dorian Roldan are backstage were some media member comes over to interview Hernandez. Hernandez seems upset. Dorian asks the media fella what does he want to know, so the guy asks why is Hernandez in AAA. Roldan translates for Hernandez. Guy looks confused and asks why Hernandez doesn’t speak Spanish if he understands it AND has Mexican blood in him. Hernandez gets upset and tells the guy he’ll only do interviews in English. The guy puts his hand on Hernandez. Dorian talks to the guy, but Hernandez tells him that he is Mexican and its true has Mexican blood, but if he could go to the hospital, he’d get a blood transfusion and get all that Mexican blood out of his body. Looks like someone got picked on by other Mexicans. Pobrecito Hernandez! Ay Caramba! Hernandez then grabs the guy and tosses him through a board or some weird wall contraption. I’ve seen non-Spanish speaking Mexicans get into fights with Spanish-speaking Mexicans over this. Its pretty funny and true.

I just thought of a great skit. They should remake Born In East L.A. with Hernandez teaching guys to say, “Orale Vato, Waas Sappenin!”, so they can at least get jobs in the U.S.! I’m on a role with the stereotypes, amirite…amirite? :)

Hold on…Dave Coulier coming up next…


We are back and with a recap of the Roldans and Konnan storyline. Followed up by a backstage interview with Cibernetico & Los Psycho Circus. Apparently they are still undefeated and somehow Cibernetico thinks he’s undefeated as well.

Cibernético, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Alex Koslov, Hernandez, Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro

Koslov apparently hurt his nuts prior to this match. Must have happened on last week’s show. I wonder if TNA reunites LAX if that means Konnan’s going to be working some TNA shows. Psycho Circus kidnap another kid! That never gets old! The good news is this kid didn’t cry. Cibernetico wearing a mask with giant horns….MINOTAUR IS BACK! The Cibernetico chant wasn’t anywhere near what it use to be. Match starts with some brawling as the Foreign Legion is in control of the match. Koslov no selling his groin injury. Heavy Metal shows up and takes a seat near the entrance. He’s watching this match.

Monster Clown and Hernandez have some big-man moments shoving each other, staring each other down, etc. Hernandez with a nice mortal over the top rope. Cibernetico turns things around for his team as he hits Hernandez with a chair. Tecnicos now playing the numbers game and taking advantage of the rudos. Heavy Metal is shown taking notes on the match. Here’s what he wrote…

When does this match end?

Konnan comes in wearing a Psycho Circus mask and attacks Cibernetico. Tropi Casas tries to stop him, but he shoves Tropi Casas to the ground. Heavy Metal then runs in and Konnan wants him to attack Cibernetico, but he instead attacks the Foreign Legion.

Back from break and Heavy Metal says he’s on AAA’s side.

La Parka (AAA) is upset and Joaquin Roldan is trying to calm him down. You know what would be funny if La Parka (AAA) left AAA and somehow he had to see an arbitrator to keep the name. The comedy behind that. I bet it will happen at some point.

Heavy Metal and Tropi Casas have a chat backstage.

They show the scene outside Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera while talking about L.A. Park.

El Mesías, La Parka (AAA), Octagón b Dr. Wagner Jr., Pimpinela Escarlata, Silver King

I wonder how this match is gonna start….hmm….

Oh yeah, starts as a brawl. LOL! I think WordPress should add a little button were it gives you a run-down on the most common phrases, so you can save time writing. I hadn’t noticed Silver King has face paint and not his mask. I guess the commission is standing by their decision. Pimpinela vs. El Mesias was a fun match-up. Match got better after the brawling. El Mesias got the pin on Silver King with this really sloppy looking move. As the ref raised his hand, the Foreign Legion comes out with SABU!!!! Click here for the crowd reaction for Sabu! L.A. Park also shows up. Jack Evans runs out to make a save, but Arturo Rivera has no idea who he is. Thought it was someone’s relative. All the mid-carders run out and get beat on. Its the NWO all over again. Show ends with L.A. Park powerbombing La Parka (AAA) through a table and ripping his mask off.

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