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RECAP: CMLL on 12/27/13

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CMLL’s terra show on Fridays now appears to have a pre-show called “Tacticas de Guerra”. It aired last week, but no one really knew it was on. Seriously, outside of randomly visiting how are we suppose to know this show is on? CMLL nor terra really go out of their way to announce these shows ahead of schedule. This past Friday though CMLL at least mentioned it hours before the show started.

While I waited for the show to begin, Cibernetico was busy providing some entertainment on twitter as he posted this pic of La Sociedad…

It always appears that the guys who are most stubborn about joining twitter are usually the ones who are far more entertaining on it.

Back to the CMLL pre-show. Titan was the first interview and only talked about being honored to be in the Torneo Leyenda de Plata and winning the first phase of it. Rey Escorpion was next and he talked about how he was going to go after Maximo in the torneo. If it came down to just the rudos, he hopes its him and Casas. He got that right. He called Blue Panther old! *Shakes Fist* Valiente followed up and called out Titan! Mephisto mentioned he was in the top 10 of lucha libre. I don’t know about that. Guerrero Maya Jr. was asked if he ever thought he’d be in the Torneo Leyenda de Plata and he mentioned he never really thought about it, but he did dream of wrestling in CMLL as a kid and has fulfilled his dream. I think his voice was going during the interview. Reapper talked about winning the torneo and then Julio Cesar Rivera (announcer) mentions that the Final against Titan is phase 3 of the torneo Leyenda de Plata and that the final is actually wrestling Volador Jr. who was the last winner. Reapper had no idea and I think he thought JCR was making shit up. Very funny.

1. Oro Jr. & Sensei b Artillero & Súper Comando

Artillero wore baby blue camouflage gear that looked like he was wearing pajamas. They looked comfortable, but I’m not sure if that’s the look he’s going for if he’s trying to do a military gimmick. Good opener with Artillero & Super Comando busting out some interesting double team moves throughout. Rudos won the first fall with a combination camel clutch (on Oro Jr.) & roll-up into a pin on Sensei. Tecnicos won the second fall with Oro Jr. hitting a moonsault on Super Comando and Sensei with Fujiwara armbar submits Artillero. Cool spot in the third by the rudos when Super Comando put Oro Jr. in La Tapatia, then let go of his arms and Artillero hit a frontcracker. Tecnicos won the 3rd fall with Oro Jr. applying his variation of a palanca while standing on Artillero for the submission and Sensei grabbed Super Comando with a running Gori Special to submit him. CMLL announcers made reference to the move Sensei used as the one popularized by Pimpinela Escarlata.

2. Cancerbero, Raziel, Sangre Azteca b Hombre Bala Jr., Súper Halcón Jr., Tritón

Match was sloppy at times. Cancerbero & Raziel had to cover a few times for the tecnicos mistakes including at one point Raziel doing a handspring spot off something that was screwed up. One of the tecnicos early in the match lost his grip on Cancerbero’s hand, so Cancerbero improvised by slapping him on the back. LOL! Triton was all over the place in this match with mistakes. He might be better off slowing down the pace he works at because when he starts doing a lot of flipping, he just screws up too much. Had a good 2nd fall, but the sloppiness throughout caused it to be forgettable. Rudos won the first fall. Hombre Bala Jr. gets hit w/ the Estaca Mexica by Sangre Azteca and then pinned by Cancerebro. Raziel pins Super Halcon Jr. Tecnicos won the second fall with moonsaults from Hombre Bala Jr. (on Cancerbero) and Super Halcon Jr. (on Sangre Azteca). Rudos won 3rd fall when Raziel uses a middle-rope brainbuster on Hombre Bala Jr. for a pin and Sangre Azteca hits a dropkick on Triton followed by a pin.

3. Amapola, Dalys, Tiffany b Estrellita, Goya Kong, Silueta

Estrellita decided to wear new gear. She wore a police women outfit. She looked a lot better in that outfit than the schoolgirl or that pom-pom-looking bra she wears.

Match was pretty sloppy at times. Not a very good match, but I think most everyone was distracted by Estrellita’s gear. Its interesting that the past two matches that I’ve seen Estrellita in, she’s kind of worked really fast-paced for about 90-seconds and does some quick spots like a headscissors and a tope suicida (hit one early on Dallys). She might excel in shorter matches. Silueta missed a superkick very badly. Later in the match, Estrellita hit a wacky dropkick on Dallys that looked like Dallys was stunned with what she should do next. Just awful. Silueta and Goya Kong took turns with planchas on the rudas and it was kind of hilarious because when Silueta hit, she’s tiny and also didn’t seem to land properly, but Goya lands and squashed the rudas. Tecnicas won 1st fall after Goya Kong hit a plancha on Amapola & Tiffany. Rudas won 2nd fall after Amapola pinned Silueta after a Devil’s Wings and Tiffany submitted Goya Kong with a variation of la mecedora. Rudas won 3rd fall when Dallys pinned Silueta and Amapola pinned Estrellita after a backcracker.

4. Negro Casas b Blue Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr., Valiente, Fuego, Máximo, Pegasso, Rey Escorpión, Mephisto, Pólvora, Reaper, Puma [Leyenda de Plata, semifinal]

This cibernetico was better than last week’s match. Didn’t have as many guys in it that were there to just fill a spot for time. Granted Pegasso, Fuego and a few others were not going to win, but they were going to get to show something in the match.

Order of Elimination:

  • Pegasso eliminated by Polvora with a top rope slam!
  • Fuego eliminated by Rey Escorpion with boots to Fuego’s face off a failed moonsault.
  • Polvora eliminated by Maximo after a top rope armdrag!
  • Puma eliminated by Blue Panther via Nudo Lagunero.
  • Guerrero Maya Jr. eliminated by Negro Casas with a roll-up after blocking the Sacrificio Maya!
  • Blue Panther eliminated by Reapper with a Gori Special.
  • Reapper eliminated by Valiente with a armlock submission!
  • Maximo eliminated by Rey Escorpion via foul & roll-up. Mephisto distracted Maximo.
  • Valiente eliminated by Mephisto with a sloppy middle-rope devil’s wings.
  • Mephisto eliminated by Rey Escorpion with a package piledriver.
  • Rey Escorpion eliminated by Negro Casas with La Casita!

We had a chance to see a Pegasso vs. Negro Casas match-up early on. Poor Pegasso looked good early, but then feel apart later in the match. He badly missed a dive off the ropes. Valiente was on fire early on and hit a Valiente Special minutes into the torneo cibernetico. Crowd popped when after all the early match-ups went along, it was time for Blue Panther vs. Negro Casas. Puma actually got to work with Blue Panther a bit, which was fun. Guerrero Maya Jr. hit a dive were he ended up landing in the crowd! He’s awesome and I hope his bones can hold up for many more years! Puma was almost the first rudo eliminated, but uncle Negro Casas made the save for him while Puma was in with Blue Panther. Didn’t last long as Blue Panther later eliminated Puma. Really would like to see a Puma vs. Blue Panther match in 2014. Blue Panther hit his “Old Man Tope Suicida”! Negro Casas did a really good job of blocking Guerrero Maya Jr’s finisher and reversing it for a roll-up. Really good group in this match.

Valiente was the last tecnico left in the match going against 3 rudos, Mephisto, Rey Escorpion & Negro Casas. Mephisto & Rey Escorpion double-teamed Valiente, but Negro Casas made the save! Casas worked as a tecnico! Valiente was going for something on the ropes against Mephisto and seemed to slip. Mephisto grabbed him for the Devil’s Wings and the move was kind of sloppy and ended up looking like Mephisto just let Valiente slip down to the mat. He got the pin. Rey Escorpion and Mephisto double-teamed Casas a bit, until they turned on each other. They are rudos and its every man for himself. Rey Escorpion eliminated Mephisto with a package piledriver. Casas hit la silla to the outside on Rey Escorpion and proceeded to run around celebrating as the crowd cheered on. Casas pulled off the win with La Casita on Rey Escorpion. Casas and Zacarias El Perico celebrated by dancing around the fallen Rey Escorpion!

Next week, Negro Casas vs. Titan in the next phase of the Torneo Leyenda de Plata. The winner of that match (Odds are 99.9999% that Negro Casas will win) will face Volador Jr. the following week. Should be awesome! CMLL’s finishing up 2013 and starting 2014 with some fun matches.

Torneo Cibernetico was good, the rest of the show not so much.

GameStop, Inc.

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