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VIDEO & RECAP: DTU TV Episode #7 10/31/13 (taped 3/31/13)


Written By Alfredo Esparza

DTU TV Episode #7 aired on October 31st with matches from their March 31st show. Hopefully they’ll get more up-to-date as the TV show continues. Happy that this is on TVCDeportes since it means they’ll have the best announcing duo in pro wrestling to call the action. Really like the intro song on the show.

Aeroboy & Violento Jack b Lucky Boy & Niño de Ébano (Maxima Velocidad) and Lanzeloth & Rocky Lobo

This was an elimination ladder match. First thing you notice is the low attendance, which had these guys busting out big spots to very little reaction. Maxima Velocidad eliminated Lanzeloth & Rocky Lobo first when they placed a ladder on top of Lanzeloth and one member jumped off the top rope with a mortal onto him and the ladder. He follows it up with a standing moonsault for the pin. Glad AAA decided to put Lucky Boy and Niño de Ébano in the Ludxor and Venum gear. Also think it helps to have the larger audience be able to differentiate the two because when Jose Manuel Guillen and Bernardo Guzman can’t tell you apart at certain points in the match (like while pinning Lanzeloth), doesn’t give much hope for anyone else to do it. Violento Jack looked huge next to his smaller opponents. He took some stiff chops throughout the match. Niño de Ébano got hit with the two ladders when Aeroboy kicked them into him and appeared to have hurt his elbow. When Maxima Velocidad attempted dives to the outside on Aeroboy & Violento Jack, Niño de Ébano landed short of Violento Jack and fell onto the floor. Looked like he further injured the elbow. Violento Jack & Aeroboy took advantage of this and did a double-team footstomp & powerbomb onto a ladder to finish off Niño de Ébano. Match had some good moments and lots of great dives.

Post-match, Violento Jack and Aeroboy continued to attack Maxima Velocidad until Willie Mack made the save.

Solar I b Paranoiko

Match was announced as a “lucha clasica a ras de lona”, which is basically a technical match. Paranoiko is best known for being an extreme wrestler in DTU. He tried his best to hang around with Solar, who is at a different level when it comes to mat wrestling. Lots of counter-wrestling. Crowd picked up late in the match. Paranoiko hit a dive onto Solar late in the match. Solar did a nifty spot were he catapulted Paranoiko, held on, and reversed it into La Campana for the win. Good match.

They run a segment were they ask fans what they prefer “extreme lucha” or “lucha alto impacto” and get mixed results. Female announcer, Kika Gomar, asks some of the guys what woman at DTU they like as a curveball question.

AR Fox b Flamita

Match was for AR Fox’s CZW Wired TV championship. This was really good. Think Sombra vs. Volador Jr. from Anniversary, but in front of like 200 people, so it lost a bit from crowd heat. If this is “Alto Impacto” add me to the list of people who’d rather watch that than “extreme lucha”. Lots of big spots in the match. My eyes got teary when Jose Manuel Guillen yelled out “Sasuke Special” for one of Flamita’s dives. Lets get Jose Manuel Guillen to call every wrestling match in the world. AR Fox hit a triple dive onto Flamita to the outside. First diving thru the 1st and 2nd rope, then the 2nd and 3rd and finishing off with a dive over the top rope. Flamita hit a tornillo onto AR Fox who was recovering from hitting 3 consecutive dives. Flamita got a near pin off a Spanish Fly on AR Fox. AR Fox pulled off a Spanish Fly of his own only from the middle rope and got a near fall. Flamita got another near fall after going with a Valagueza into a frontcracker. Guys were kicking out of big moves. Flamita went for a slingshot tornillo, but AR Fox raised his knees and rolled up Flamita for the pin. Fun match.

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One Response to “VIDEO & RECAP: DTU TV Episode #7 10/31/13 (taped 3/31/13)”

    De verás crees que la lucha de Volador/Sombra se puede comparar con esta? En aquella no vi ni la mitad de los castigos que en esta,ni la mitad de la velocidad,Yo creo que si estos cuates estuvieran como Volador/Sombra enfrente de casi 20.000,darían una lucha infinitamente superior.A veces no se si yo veo mal o que pasa,pero siento que casi todos catalogan las luchas entre Volador /Sombra como épicas,por el solo hecho de que ellos 2 estén involucrados,y por que son estelares del CMLL,como si ello obligara a los que reportan las luchas a decir que son buenísimas,,como si tuvieran miedo de regarla y decir,realmemte se estuvieron haciendo tarugos en el ring,como si temieran decir:la lucha fue mala,porque otra gente los tacharía de ignorantes,igual la que estoy mal soy yo ,pero a mi SI me aburre que en una misma lucha repitan los mismos castigos una y otra vez,y a mi no me da miedo decir que he visto muchísimas luchas mucho mejores que las del CMLL,en otras Arenas,y esta es una de ellas.

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