Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

VIDEO & RECAP: Tercera Caida 10/30/13 w/ Heavy Metal, Veneno & Hijo del Fantasma!


Written By Alfredo Esparza

You know watching Tercera Caida’s intro, they never show the BIG COMEBACK made by Jose Manuel Guillen and Bernardo Guzman on Black Terry & Guerrero Maya Jr.! Those two are so unselfish and willing to put over the wrasslers! :)

They remember Oro by showing a few clips from his matches, the eventual match where he got hurt and eventually passed away, the news clip covering his death, and the mass that was held this past Saturday on the anniversary of his death. They interview both Oro’s brother, Plata, and his nephew, Oro Jr.

They run down the big matches from this upcoming weekend’s lucha shows. CMLL has some pretty good matches with Tama Tonga vs. Rush on Friday and Sunday they have two title matches with Guerrero Maya Jr. & Delta challenging for the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles against Namajague & Okumura and Titan challenging Mephisto for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight title.

Highlights from a show in Chile that Arkangel de la Muerte worked. Followed by highlights from Valiente’s New Japan tour and Pesadilla and Super Crazy’s NOAH tour. They show the video announcing New Japan & CMLL’s Fantasticamania shows in Japan in 2014. Clips of Ricky Marvin vs. Davey Richards from Ring of Honor. Lots of highlights from shows across Mexico including DTU’s Arena Coliseo de Monterrey show, show from Veracruz with some cool clips of a tag match featuring Ricky Marvin against Jinzo, a group called Rudos Neza with Dr. Cerebro vs. Heddi Karaoui main and semi-main featuring Mamba, Freelance and Impulso, Invasion RCH’s most recent show in Arena Lopez Mateos (with main of Atlantis/Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Terrible/L.A. Park. Post-match interviews with Atlantis & Dr. Wagner Jr.), and Talivision anniversary party.

GUESTS: Heavy Metal & Veneno

They show a clip of Veneno showing up at the press conference to announce the Rock y Lucha show for November 2nd. He whacks Heavy Metal over the head with the guitar. Then things get pretty hilarious with the two in-studio. Veneno stays in-character and vows to end Rock ‘n Roll and to raise the banner of Reggaeton that night. DEAR GOD! Heavy Metal talks about the Tercera Caida show and praises Hijo del Fantasma. That leads to Veneno getting upset that he’s talking about other things besides the event on November 2nd. Veneno gets it. Heavy Metal mentions they use to be friends when he had his vices, to which Veneno says Heavy Metal needs to find God and stop with the devilish Rock ‘n Roll music. Veneno got very upset about Tercera Caida showing all the clips from around the world and mentioned he didn’t want to talk about that stuff again since he’s wrestled all over the universe and even fought martians! Heavy Metal mentions the arena is in front of a church to which Veneno responds with it being very ironic that he’s going to battle the devilish Rock ‘n’ Roll music that night and will have all the saints backing him. Very funny interview.

GUEST: Hijo del Fantasma

If you want to know what Hijo del Fantasma’s thoughts and reasons were for leaving CMLL, I summed it up in my own post about why he left. He went into a little more detail given he was the guy going thru the experience. Hijo del Fantasma mentioned what Konnan told me on the Lucha Roundtable about how Hijo del Fantasma went and asked to speak to Paco Alonso (CMLL boss) and couldn’t get a meeting, but got his email. YO ROB, PACO HAS EMAIL! Hijo del Fantasma wrote an email to Paco Alonso that was very nicely written and he stated the reasons he was leaving and thanked him for the opportunity to wrestle in Arena Mexico. He then spoke to Panico (CMLL booker) and when he told him he was thinking of leaving to AAA, he got a short good-bye (more like “Ok, fine”) and no attempt to keep him. He mentioned there were others who felt unappreciated in CMLL, but don’t want to rock the boat, so they stay quiet, don’t ask to get pushed and worry about making a jump. He said he was very insulted that Paco Alonso or any other CMLL higher-up didn’t have the same courtesy to give him a minute to talk to them.

He mentioned he was happy with his first appearance in AAA reaching the finals against La Parka. Said he went from a low mid-carder in Arena Mexico to working higher on the card. Hijo del Fantasma praised Daga, Fenix and the AAA roster. Said people constantly shit on AAA, but he mentioned they have talent. Said the same thing about CMLL having talent. There is a lot of talent in lucha libre. He said he was the surprise luchador on the next AAA show. Said he liked that he got a rivalry right away in AAA.

Hijo del Fantasma brought up that he thinks his career in CMLL took a downturn when he did the tryout with WWE a few years ago. He said he felt he was the scapegoat that was punished when there were Four CMLL wrestlers at that tryout. He named the other three, Averno, Volador Jr. and La Sombra. Said those three kept their main event spots, while he got buried. Very true as I pointed out he was very well positioned in 2009 and after that tryout never got another chance. He mentioned the person who invited Averno, Volador Jr. and La Sombra wasn’t the same person who he talked to. When he was given the WWE tryout, went to CMLL to ask for permission and they gave it to him without even asking him not to and offering him a push. They gave him their blessing and from that point forward he was never pushed again.

He mentioned that he wasn’t sure if CMLL had a grudge against his father, Fantasma, who is the president of the Box y Lucha commission that their payback was not pushing him. Hijo del Fantasma discussed his education background and how he even kept his non-wrestling career in the backburner because he was all-in when it came to wrestling. He said that some people thought that was an issue because he’d have fans ask him why CMLL kept placing him lower on the card.

Very good interview.

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