Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

UIPW-LA 9/8/13 Pico Rivera, CA Results


Written By Alfredo Esparza

UIPW-LA announced their big September 8th show several weeks ago and when the posters first came out people were very leery about whether they would bring in the amount of talent onto one show. I mentioned how they’ve delivered in the past with promised talent showing up and on this day, they did so as well. If there’s one thing you can definitely say about UIPW-LA is that they definitely go out of their way to deliver what they promise to their fans.

Show was announced as having doors open at 11 am for an autograph signing and the the actual show starting at 1 pm. I think that was one of the problems with the show. It seemed way too early to start a lucha show within the Los Angeles area. We showed up a little after 12 pm and the building, Pico Rivera Sports Arena, is an outdoor venue that’s mainly used for rodeos, concerts and pro wrestling and it being outdoors in the current weather we are getting in LA (HOT!!!) seemed to be the other problem with the show. Time and weather for an outdoor show didn’t really work well. I think the other problem for the show was whether they promoted it enough. I think a die-hard lucha fan, which I am one, will go out of his way to look for info on any upcoming lucha shows in the area, but I’m not sure they did an easy job of having casual fans locate the show info. I first found out about the show thru a friend’s facebook page.

My big concern about UIPW heading into this show was that they flew in 11 CMLL wrestlers and as a fan I was giddy at that news, but as someone who knows a little more about other aspects of pro wrestling and having talked to people locally who have promoted in the past and present, I thought even before the show they could have had the same crowd just bringing in half that number or even less. They had about 9 matches announced on their flyer and still added 4 more matches. I get that you maybe have a few matches with locals just to see if more people show up, but there wasn’t anyone showing up and then that led to the problem of the show feeling like it was a little longer and people leaving before the final matches. I don’t know if they really needed to add more to a pretty stacked card and it almost felt like they could have just promoted a Volador Jr. vs. La Sombra main event and plugged it as their final singles match before they head into the mask match at the CMLL 80th Anniversary show next Friday and would have done the same number of fans.

Show opened with a hardcore match! Not really sure what was going on, but Big Homie Double climbed to the top rope as Buddy Love was laying on a flimsy table. Big Homie Double hit a splash on him. I thought Buddy Love won, but Kurt thought the chubby guy won. Then Buddy Love was asked if he was going to follow thru with a retirement stipulation if he won, so I figured he won, and Love said he would retire since he’s beaten all his friends in wrestling.

Oso Loco beat Rey Volcan Jr.

Pequeno Shamu beat Clasicos Shadow (?) – That’s how I understood his name, but it could be something completely different.

Sean Black vs. ??? ended in a draw in a hardcore match. Black’s opponent was dressed like a headbanger, but I didn’t catch his name.

Still no late arriving crowd. It was really hot out there. We were glad we sat under the shade as the VIP section was in the rodeo section and had zero shade.

Joey Kaos/Trigger Gonzalez/Los Bandidos (Tito Escondido & Rico Dinamita) beat Pantera Azteca/Jesus Cruze/Suburban Commandos – THANK GOD FOR JOEY KAOS! However, BOOO Kaos….Por Que No Voodoo in this match? Match was sloppy early on. Tito seemed a bit frustrated. I thought the Suburban Commandos were solid in this match. First time I’ve seen them and they had a nice spot were they just beat up on poor Trigger. Match picked up late with the Commandos in with Kaos. A few dives in the match. Match finished well.

They brought out a mini Gloria Trevi to lip-sync one of her songs.

Hudson Envy & Lady Lee beat Amazona & Yumi – Okay women’s match. Lady Lee beat the life out of Yumi during this match.


Rey Misterio Sr. came out along with Hijo de Rey Misterio II. They talked for a bit, but I couldn’t hear what they said. The one thing I got was that Hijo de Rey Misterio II was thankful and appreciated being handed down the name.

Thunderwolf beat Jaguar de Oro. Good, short singles match.

Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)/“BWF New York Guy” Bobby Venom beat Hector Canales/Durango Kid/Super Kendo II – This was the match were things picked up. Los Luchas teamed with a bald guy that I didn’t know. He carried out two belts and wore a BWF shirt. Someone told me he was from New York. Hector did his “exotico” gimmick. They announced Durango Kid from CMLL, which I chuckled a bit at hearing. Los Luchas are always awesome. I liked the New Yorker (Bobby Venom) as well. He has a classic look. I think he’d be a nice fit in lucha as someone who is different from everyone else.

Golden Scorpion/Pakal/Robby Phoenix/Rubi Gardenia beat Extassis/Kanalla/X-Torm/Zarco – TJ crew was in this match. Rubi got the crowd going doing his thing.


Diamante Azul/Lestat/Mariachi Loco beat El Infernal/OG Playboy/Histeria (Morphosis) – Good match. Infernal & OG Playboy have been around locally a long time. They make a fun tag team. Diamante Azul looked much bigger than everyone else in this match. Diamante Azul got the win for his team with his German Suplex!



Valiente/Flecha Fugaz/Amazing Jr./Extreme Tiger beat Virus/Latigo Blanco/Lil’ Cholo/Bobby Rios – Best match on the show. Valiente & Virus opened with a really great exchange and showcased their mat wrestling. What I liked about the CMLL guys on this show was that they were willing to work with guys they aren’t too familiar with and this match showed it as after that initial focus of Valiente vs. Virus. Guys mixed it up a bit. Lil’ Cholo vs. Amazing Jr. was cool to see again. I think last time I saw them work against each other was maybe 7 years ago. Time flies! Extreme Tiger actually mat wrestled in this match! Made a joke about how he’s doing that now that he’s out of AAA. :) Latigo Blanco is a very underrated local luchador. Fun match. Valiente BUSTED OUT A VALIENTE SPECIAL in Pico Rivera in front of what was about 300 people.



Psicosis/Dragon Rojo Jr./Super Natural beat Rush/L.A. Panda/Stuka Jr. – Stuka Jr. did nothing in this match! Totally bummed me out! Highlight of this match was Rush threatening Super Natural throughout the match and after. Rush was awesome! Did his usual brawling against everyone. Grabbed a belt off one of the rudos and whipped Super Natural with it and then whipped Hudson Envy (second for Super Natural) with it as well. After the tecnicos lost, Rush was still angry and tossed some water at Super Natural. They might be setting something up for a future show. During the entire show, after the match would end fans ringside would ask for autographs, so they all obliged even those selling injuries. Rush doesn’t want to give out autographs or take photos, but he relents and takes a few photos with fans.

Also, Rush came out to his old entrance song on this show. Its possible that the promoter didn’t know he changed songs since they weren’t really playing everyone’s entrance music.



Volador Jr./Euforia/Shamu Jr. (w/ mini Shamu) beat Hijo de Rey Misterio II/Misterioso/La Sombra – The announcer introduced El Misterioso, who is a local kid wrestling in LA, as the Misterioso Jr. from CMLL. I mean, seriously…First of all, this kid’s thin compared to the guy in CMLL and really, can’t he use a different name? I’ve seen him on a few shows right now and I’m not sure I’d have him working main events. For comparison, it would be like main eventing Triton in CMLL. Very talented, but still a long way from being in a main event. Match had some very good workers in it, so they could cover for some of his inexperience. Then some girl ringside just killed the early part of the match by yelling at the wrestlers and they spent their time responding back. Announcer had to tell her to keep quiet which got some applause. Match picked up in the final minutes. Volador Jr. used that awesome finisher he’s been using (swinging Canadian Destroyer is the best way I can describe it) to pin La Sombra.

I thought the show was ok. For the amount of talent they brought in, it should have been better. I was disappointed in the low attendance because I really hoped this would do really well. I wish I could say it was just the weather and it being an outdoor show, but I really don’t think that was the only reason. Its nice to see CMLL talent locally and for one, I really hope they bring back Valiente & Virus. Same with Rush, La Sombra and Volador Jr. (Hewlett-Packard)

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2 Responses to “UIPW-LA 9/8/13 Pico Rivera, CA Results”
  1. Churro says:

    The card looked very good. But Pico in summer heat turned a lot of people off, we didn’t go for that very reason. Sunday as well, many aren’t going to rush from church in that area.

    If this card had been on Friday or Saturday night, it would have drawn double or triple the attendance, along with some kind of family deal–4 people for $40. What LA promoters don’t realize is that when you can see a lucha card in Mexico for $5 or so, old thinking dies hard. It is better to fill the place than to have 300 people show up and have no vibe.


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