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2012 LuchaWorld 100 Countdown: #60 thru #51


60. Mascarita Dorada (41) – Great mini tecnico continued to entertain fans with his fast-paced, high-flying style. He split his time between AAA, Hijo del Santo’s Todo X El Todo, Lucha Va Voom, and various shows throughout the United States and Mexico. Wrestled at the WrestleReunion convention held in Los Angeles in late January were he faced off with CMLL rival Demus 3:16 and also worked an Atomicos match on the PWG even held over that weekend. Lost to Mini Psicosis in a AAA minis title match on May 19th. On Todo X El Todo shows continued to wrestle as Mascarita Plateada and had a feud with Lobito, who he lost WWA Minis title to on June 2, 2012.


59. La Mascara (18) – Continued to be one of CMLL’s more consistent wrestlers, which also puts him in that long list of CMLL tecnicos that all have a similar skill-set and vibe. Spent most of 2012 feuding with Volador Jr. Lost the NWA World Historic Middleweight Title to Volador Jr. on February 14, 2012 in Guadalajara. Teamed with long-time rival Averno in the National Parejas Increibles tournament in February. They lost to Atlantis & Mr. Niebla in the quarterfinals. On May 29th, 2012, beat Volador Jr. for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title in Guadalajara. La Mascara followed up with successful title defenses against Mephisto, Rey Escorpion & Volador Jr. in the second half of 2012. Lost to Volador Jr. in the quarterfinals of the CMLL Universal tournament. In December, La Mascara teamed with Valiente to challenge for the CMLL World Tag Team titles held by Terrible & Tama Tonga. They lost the match.


58. Chessman (61) – Continued to be a part of La Sociedad in 2012. He’s La Sociedad’s top henchman always willing to do the dirty work. He’s been a mainstay in AAA for years. Lost in the Rey De Reyes Semifinals in March. Chessman feuded with Vampiro. Chessman teamed with Juventud Guerrera at Triplemania XX in a relevos suicidas cage match. He was one of the final 2 wrestlers in the cage (along with Joe Lider), but was eliminated when Vampiro appeared and threw him off the top of the cage and thru a table. He couldn’t resume the match and was instead taken to the hospital. Held the AAA World Tag Team Titles with Abyss, but only had 2 title defenses during 2012. Their second defense was at Heroes Inmortales in October were they lost the titles to Joe Lider & Vampiro. Chessman won the hair of Vampiro in a 6-way cage match with masks & hair on the line at Guerra de Titanes.


57. Marco Corleone (NR) – Had a really good year in and out of the ring in 2012. Very popular with female CMLL fans and its very noticeable when comparing a show with and without Corleone. Teamed with Rush and Maximo to form the popular trio of “El Bufete del Amor” (The Love Buffet). Marco and Maximo are the well-liked members of the trio, while Rush is hated, but it adds a lot of heat during their matches. On February 19th, 2012, the trio beat Los Hijos del Averno (Averno/Mephisto/Ephesto) for the CMLL World Trios Titles in Arena Mexico. Bufete del Amor had successful trios title defenses against Fuerza TRT, Los Guerreros, and the trio of Averno, Mephisto & Tama Tonga. Marco was involved in several of the annual CMLL tournaments including the National Parejas Increibles, Gran Alternativa & CMLL Universal. In the Universal tournament, he lost in an early round to New Japan’s Hiroshi Tanahashi. Marco also had some fun interactions in trios matches with Negro Casas were he’d punch him and hold him up or do a few other spots with Casas that were very entertaining & a highlight many times of those trios matches. Out of the ring, Marco had a role in the telenovela “Porque el Amor Manda” on Univision as the villain Ury Petrovsky (a.k.a. “El Ruso”).


56. Psicosis II (38) – Leader of the CMLL faction of Los Invasores. Known for his top rope legdrop. As part of Los Invasores was a threat to both the CMLL World & Mexican National Trios Titles throughout 2012. Was involved in an on-again/off-again trios feud with Los Reyes Del Atlantida (Atlantis/Guerrero Maya Jr./Delta). Psicosis received a shot at the CMLL World Welterweight Title in late May against Mascara Dorada which he lost. The feud with Los Reyes del Atlantida eventually got heated in late 2012 and Psicosis teaming with Kraneo & Mr. Aguila helped Los Invasores win the Mexican National Trios titles in an excellent match.


55. Mari Apache (67) – Turned ruda in early 2012 and began feuding with her sister, Fabi Apache. She was aided by their father Gran Apache. Thus continued one of wrestling’s longest storylines of the Apache family always having issues. Wrestled a match in Naucalpan with La Dinastia Navarro in which the two families split into 2 trios w/ Mari teaming with Gran Apache & Trauma I against Fabi Apache who teamed with Negro Navarro & Trauma II. Mari caught the eye of Halloween. At a show in mid-September, Halloween helped Mari & Gran Apache win a match and after the match, he offered Mari flowers, but she refused and Halloween was left sad. At the 10/7 Heroes Inmortales show, Mari teamed with Halloween in a 4-way tag match for the AAA Mixed Tag Team titles. Halloween speared Fabi Apache and then allowed Mari to pin her sister to win the titles. Mari soon accepted Halloween’s overtures in December.


54. Maximo (49) – Continued to be very popular in Mexico and as one of the likable members of the Bufete del Amor with Marco Corleone and the hated Rush. Wrestled in New Japan during the Fantasticamania shows in January and in July on the Kizuna Road tour. He continued to feud with Taichi in Japan and in Mexico. On February 19, 2012, Maximo along with Rush & Marco Corleone won the CMLL World Trios titles from Los Hijos del Averno. Had a brief feud with Rey Bucanero and unsuccessfully challenged for the NWA Light Heavyweight title in April. As part of Bufete del Amor and as CMLL World Trios Champions, feuded with other trios including Hijos del Averno, Los Revolucionarios, Fuerza TRT, La Peste Negra & Los Invasores. They had a brief feud with Los Invasores as both teams wanted to prove which was the superior trio.


53. Mephisto (35) – Long-time member of Los Hijos del Averno. He and Averno have been tag team partners even longer. Lost the CMLL World Trios titles to Bufete del Amor on February 19th. Wrestled in Japan as part of the New Japan/CMLL Fantasticamania shows in late January. Not only a top challenger for both trios titles but also a challenged for the CMLL Welterweight and Mexican National Light Heavyweight titles. Had an excellent match on September 25th in Arena Mexico against young, up-and-comer Titan that really helped solidify Titan as a main-eventer in CMLL.


52. Tama Tonga (NR) – New Japan regular made his debut in Mexico in CMLL’s Leyenda Azul torneo cibernetico held on October 12, 2012. Wrestled as a rudo during his first tour of Mexico. Started off slowly in the ring as he seemed to struggle early on in adapting to the lucha libre style. He even screwed up catching a CMLL tecnico in a match early in his tour, which drew a bit of an ire from lucha fans online, but he apologized on twitter and promised to work harder so it wouldn’t happen again. From that point forward his work was far more consistent. His charisma as a rudo was there from the beginning of his trip, which was something that hadn’t been seen too much in New Japan. Teamed with Averno & Mephisto to challenge for the CMLL World Trios titles against the Bufete del Amor (Maximo/Rush/Marco Corleone) in late October. Teamed with El Terrible and the duo won the CMLL World Tag Team titles from Atlantis & Diamante Azul from November 13th at Arena Mexico. They had a successful tag team title defense against Valiente & La Mascara in December. Tama Tonga was very impressive in the Copa Jr. tournament in December. He won Block B of the Copa Jr. which was a really good torneo cibernetico. He lost in the Finals to La Sombra in another good match that saw Tama Tonga showcase his improvement working with luchadores and redeeming himself by catching La Sombra doing some very insane dives.


51. Diamante Azul (79) – Received a huge push in 2012 by CMLL as Metro was repackaged as Diamante Azul. The comparisons to Blue Demon were immediately noticed and the fans were upset over this attempt to recreate a knockoff of one of the all-time great luchadores. The fan reaction didn’t subside and CMLL didn’t care, so they continued to push him. What little fans liked of the wrestler previously known as Metro was lost. Diamante Azul was still the same wrestler with power moves and used a German Suplex to get big wins in 2012. The move at times looked unsafe. Began feuding with Ultimo Guerrero and Los Guerreros. Teamed with Blue Panther in May to challenge for the CMLL World Tag Team titles held by Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo Jr. Formed a tag team with Atlantis as both had a common enemy in Ultimo Guerrero. On August 3rd, 2012, Diamante Azul and Atlantis beat Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo Jr. for the CMLL World Tag Team titles. Lost to Hiroshi Tanahashi in the quarterfinals of the CMLL Universal tournament. On September 10th, lost to El Terrible in a CMLL World Heavyweight Championship match in Arena Puebla. When the announcement was made of the participants for the Leyenda Azul tournament, some folks thought CMLL would use that tournament to troll Blue Demon Jr. by having Diamante Azul win it and that was exactly what happened. Diamante Azul won the Torneo Leyenda Azul on October 12th, 2012. One month later, Diamante Azul & Atlantis lost the CMLL World Tag Team titles to Tama Tonga & El Terrible. Diamante Azul had a solid 10 and a half months with a strong push backed by CMLL. He received the honor of wrestling in Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling. This is were everything fell apart for Diamante Azul as he looked very inexperienced and didn’t mesh well in New Japan. He teamed with Rush in the World Tag League, but the duo did poorly. He made his way back in late November to Mexico, but wasn’t really involved in too much the final weeks of 2012.

Photos Courtesy of Black Terry Jr., Salazar & New Japan Pro Wrestling

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