Saturday, August 29th, 2015

VIDEO: More from FMLL show at Los Angeles Sports Arena!


Thanks to whoever recorded these video clips from the show. Its the final 3 matches of the night. From watching it you can see that it was a crowd of around 4,000. Very loud and energetic crowd.

First match on video is the tercera featuring Hijo del Rey Misterio II/Mascara Sagrada/Sin Limite vs. Dr. Maldad/Black Machine/Shamu Jr. I think Black Machine is Steve Pain under a mask (that and the shirt he’s wearing in the photo above more than confirms it was him). He’s a good LA local wrestler, who’s worked a few shows in TJ and if I recall he’s wrestled Hijo del Rey Misterio II in the past. Hijo del Rey Misterio II is listed that way because there’s another one. Anyway this one was formerly known as Horus in TJ and he’s awesome. Definitely someone you should go out of your way to see live or on video.

Next match is the all CMLL crew of Blue Panther/Ultimo Guerrero/Volador Jr. vs. Atlantis/Brazo de Plata/La Mascara in a trios match. I think had FMLL mentioned that the CMLL guys would be working exclusively in a trios match involving them, that some of skepticism that we had about all these guys working the show would have been slightly diminished. This is really were the old-school promoting mentality gets promoters in trouble. The previous weeks leading up to this show there was so much talk about how El Hijo del Santo, AAA and CMLL wouldn’t work together and so many fans and people (mostly AAA and El Hijo del Santo) in wrestling wanting this to happen that it should have been something used to promote this show.

Blue Panther worked the first fall of the match with his mask on. Crowd loved Super Porky. Tecnicos got cheered and rudos got booed which is a refreshing thing to hear when watching a CMLL match given how annoying the Arena Mexico crowd has been getting with how they react to most tecnicos nowadays. Match was worked the same as your usual Ultimo Guerrero CMLL 3-fall match, but it was good and the energetic crowd helped. Rudos win match when Ultimo Guerrero fouls Atlantis while ref, El Indio is distracted by everyone outside.

Post-match promos with Atlantis suggesting he and Ultimo Guerrero have a singles match inside a steel cage with no referee. SHOCKING that he didn’t just do the usual mask match challenge. Ultimo Guerrero then asks the crowd if they want that match, to which the crowd replies with a loud “Si” (Yes) and he responds to them that he doesn’t.

Main event featured Hijo del Santo/L.A. Park/Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr./Cien Caras Jr./Dr. Wagner Jr. with each guy having a rival on the opposite side. Lots of comedy involving L.A. Park, Dr. Wagner Jr. and Platanito (the referee). Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. had some nice sequences were they wrestled during the match and everyone else mostly just brawled. There seemed to be a few times were they brawled into the crowd. Main event felt like something I’ve seen several times back watching Monterrey lucha from 2000.

Show ends with mask challenges thrown out by L.A. Park and Dr. Wagner Jr.

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