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VIDEO & RECAP: CMLL & AAA luchadores on Tribunal Televisa Deportes! (Aired 12/25/12)


The final weeks of 2012 led to a lot of talk about what’s wrong with lucha libre and why is attendance down. I recapped the tercera caida show with guests from CMLL and AAA on the panel. Hijo del Santo wrote a column on the subject as well.

The show Tribunal Televisa Deportes aired a show on Christmas discussing the same issue. The show is basically a mock court battle. They have someone representing the problem and then have two people there to act as the attorneys and three others as jurors.

The topic of the show was “Are Mexican Luchadores Responsible For the Attendance Decline at Lucha Shows”. Negro Casas was the defendant on the show. He was the one representing all luchadores and said he was innocent. Cibernetico was the attorney arguing that “Yes” wrestlers deserve some of the blame. Fabi Apache was the attorney arguing that “No” wrestlers are not to blame and was basically Negro Casas’ attorney. The jury consisted of Felino, Puma King and Texano Jr.

It was quite silly and really a lot of people are taking this way more seriously than it turned out to be. First of all the way the show is formatted with only current pro wrestlers led to all, but Cibernetico saying “NO, wrestlers are not to blame for the attendance decline”. They went with the usual reasons of bad economy, crime problem in Mexico and even introduced a new problem on the show, that of “pseudo-luchadores”, which seemed to have at least Texano Jr. and Puma King’s definition of that title at odds. Puma King was referring to wrestlers who train and don’t do it, but instead steal the wrestlers money, while Texano Jr. seemed to be talking about celebrities getting into lucha (i.e. what Llaves y Candados out of Monterrey catches heat for doing by using celebrities against wrestlers).

Texano Jr. and I believe Felino even brought up high ticket prices. CMLL has had shows with lower ticket prices for a variety of shows in the past several years and attendance for those shows isn’t any better than other shows.

They also blamed WWE airing their TV show in Mexico. Even blamed John Cena. Poor John Cena, even in Mexico they blame him for what’s wrong in the world.


Casas looked angry throughout the show. Pretty funny.


Felino mentioned that Cibernetico was being harsh on Mexican wrestlers. Cibernetico pointed out that there are a lot of wrestlers who step into the ring and don’t believe in their character and when they don’t believe in it themselves, its hard to expect fans to believe in him and therefore accept him. Thus, fans lose interest in that wrestler.

Felino agreed a bit with Cibernetico and mentioned his own experience when joining La Peste Negra and him having no faith early on in the character and was embarrassed. His father, Pepe “Tropicasas” Casas, told him if he doesn’t accept the character no one else will.

They mention helping the young talent get over with the fans…the irony in that. LOL!


There’s a bit of the segment were Cibernetico gets annoyed that the show topic (or case) is “Are Mexican Wrestlers Responsible for the Low Attendance at Lucha Shows” since everyone else is pointing out all these other excuses as to why people are not attending and then simply say that the luchadores are not to blame. That leads to Cibernetico blaming the TV network for airing WWE. It just goes nowhere since it doesn’t seem like they want to talk about where the luchadores fit into the problem. I don’t think a luchador is going to blame himself for people not attending a show. The thought that someone even believed they might and would consider it even a possibility and then have them on a TV show discuss it is quite silly.

If they wanted to discuss the attendance problem and bring up all these other issues, the title of the show should have been “Why is there low attendance at lucha shows?” and at least then everyone could throw out the dozen or so problems existing in Mexico and within lucha libre.

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