Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

RIP Emilio Charles Jr. (1957-2012)


Emilio Charles Jr. passed away on Thursday night from kidney failure. His son (wrestling name Revolver) on Facebook mentioned that his father was taken to the hospital at about 1:45 am after complaining of a kidney problem along with having a drasticly high blood pressure and had difficulty breathing.

Emilio Charles Jr., who was known as “El Rey del Beautiful” (a name given to him due to his use of the word “Buitiful” when responding to others and when Dr. Alfonso Morales heard him use the term, he gave him the nickname) was a long-time mainstay of the CMLL/EMLL promotion from the 1980s thru the early 2000s. In his early career he was one of the underrated workers who would work early matches. In the mid-80s he was put into a trio with Vulcano & Tony Arce as the first version of Los Destructores who were the early card rudo trio (kind of like what the Tuareg or Cancerberos are today in CMLL). That unit never moved up together (although they did have one run as Mexican National Trios champions), but Emilio Charles Jr. moved up the card on his own as a singles wrestler late in the ’80s when EMLL added him into the mix with the likes of Javier Cruz, Atlantis, El Dandy, Angel Azteca, etc. He was a big part of EMLL and later CMLL in the mid ’90s as a singles wrestler challenging and holding the two versions of the middleweight title (NWA and CMLL).

In the late 90s he was more of a trios and tag team wrestler. He teamed with Sangre Chicana and Bestia Salvaje to form Los Chacales and won the CMLL World Trios titles. They held the belts for a year, but never really defended them. He also teamed with Dr. Wagner Jr. to win the CMLL World Tag Team titles in 1997 and they eventually lost the titles in 1998 to two of the future stars of CMLL in the early 2000s, Shocker and Mr. Niebla.

Emilio would later get a run involved in the turning of Tarzan Boy (now Toscano) in late 1999 and early 2000 as he would be a regular partner in trios matches with Tarzan Boy. Every week, Tarzan Boy would tease turning and Emilio would calm him down. Tarzan Boy eventually turned and joined Rey Bucanero and Ultimo Guerrero, who turned on El Satanico. Emilio would also later turn rudo and join Shocker’s group of Los Guapos with Bestia Salvaje and Scorpio Jr. CMLL aired a skit were Scorpio Jr. and Bestia Salvaje took Emilio Charles Jr. to get a makeover to be a “guapo”. I believe this led to Shocker turning on the group and eventually beating them for the name of Los Guapos.

After 9/11, CMLL made the mistake of regimmicking Scorpio Jr., Bestia Salvaje and Emilio Charles Jr. into Los Talibanes and I don’t think the unit ever recovered. Scorpio Jr. left the promotion and joined AAA and formed his own version of Los Guapos (Los Guapos VIP). Emilio stuck around and had a few feuds were he would drop his hair. Then he disappeared. He showed up at a CMLL show in late 2010 after it appeared he was near death for several weeks from what was a poisonous spider bite.

He was considered one of the better workers from the late ’80s thru mid ’90s and one of the top rudos in that era.

Our deepest condolensces go out to his family.

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