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VIDEO & RECAP: CMLL on 52MX 10/20/12 (10/14/12)

The entire 10/14 show aired on back on 10/14. 52MX only aired the two singles matches and you should definitely watch both. The minis mask match was very good and the main event between Volador Jr. and Diamante Azul featured Mije showcasing his survival instincts!

What did you miss by not watching that week’s feed? The first two matches weren’t particularly memorable. The women’s trios match (Goya Kong/Leon/Marcela beat La Seductora/Mima Shimoda/Zeuxis) from that show was good. Zeuxis was great in that match. The semi-main event trios match (Blue Panther/Marco Corleone/Maximo beat Negro Casas/Rey Escorpion/Tama Tonga) was only 2 falls, but was good. Blue Panther vs. Negro Casas never disappoints. Also, Negro Casas and Marco Corleone have developed some good chemistry in the ring when going against each other.

Mascara contra Mascara: Mini Fantasy defeated Mercurio who unmasked as Abraham Arrieta Gonzalez, 25-years-old, from Monterrey with 5 years experience.

This was a surprisingly excellent match. If you haven’t been watching all the minis matches, then it might not be as big of a surprise. Mercurio at times in previous trios matches seemed more content playing to the crowd than in the match itself. When he would get in, since he was being built up for an upcoming mask match, he’d just beatdown Fantasy or any other mini tecnico.

In this match though, both guys brought their “A-games”! Fantasy went for a tope in the first fall, but Mercurio caught him and dropped him to the floor. Mercurio threw Fantasy back in and laid him out with the Destroyer for the first fall win. Fantasy won the second fall with a Spanish Fly. Camera kept showing Mercurio’s wife in attendance and she reacted to everything in the match. Third fall was great and very dramatic as the crowd was really into the match and reacted to every near pinfall attempt and big moment. Mercurio attempted a plancha to the outside, but Fantasy caught him in a frontcracker! Fantasy tried to get Mercurio to submit with La Tapatia, but Mercurio broke the hold. Finish came when Mercurio went for a Destroyer, but Fantasy escaped and instead hit a variation of a piledriver on Mercurio for the win.

Volador Jr. defeated Diamante Azul

This match was good as well. The highlight though had to be seeing Mije interacting with Diamante Azul and nearly getting killed by Diamante Azul in a variety of ways. Volador Jr. also used Mije as a weapon a few times throwing him onto Diamante Azul for a splash and having the li’l fella attack Diamante Azul a few times. Volador Jr. won the first fall with a back cracker. Diamante Azul won the second fall with his escudo finisher. Poor Mije got tossed like a rag doll in the ring by Diamante Azul. He later got gorilla pressed to the outside onto Volador Jr. THEN while Diamante Azul tried to grab Volador Jr. for a german suplex, Volador Jr. grabbed onto Mije and Diamante Azul suplexed both of them with Mije taking the bulk of the punishment. All this happening to Mije but he didn’t stop helping Volador Jr. as he distracted Diamante Azul and the referee, Volador Jr. went after Diamante Azul, who thought Volador Jr. was gonna foul him, so he covered up his huevos and instead Volador Jr. pulled off his mask and rolled him up for the pin. Volador Jr. wins!

Mije’s been great since joining up with Volador Jr! They make a great combination.

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