Friday, August 28th, 2015

The Wrestling Dog Faces Luchador “El Sabio” (via Box y Lucha 1971)

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Recently Kurt Brown and I have been going through various old lucha libre magazines for a project we are working on. For every historical bit of info we find, we also find something that is very wacky and entertaining to the both of us.

I’m a big fan of Konnan’s podcast and in one of the first episodes he had Teddy Hart as a guest, which of course reminded me of the story about Teddy wanting to train cats and dogs to wrestle. Now some fans might think that’s crazy, but I mean its not like we haven’t heard of real bears being used for wrestling matches in the past. Sure its wacky, but that’s what the wrestling business is all about.

One evening while going through these magazines, Kurt jumps off the couch and grabs a post-it note. Writes down something on the note and sticks it on the page. All its says is “Before Teddy Hart!” and he hands over the magazine.

Here’s what Kurt found…

Title of the article is, “Something Unusual….A Wrestling Dog”

“The encounter between a dog and a luchador took place in the Arena Coliseo del Puerto de Acapulco. It would appear to be something from a circus, but the fact is if there are boxing dogs, then it would be strange if there weren’t wrestling dogs…and here’s my proof”

Boxing dogs?

Up next the author talks about the match itself. TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS! He points out three observations about the spectacle he witnessed. Sorry no star ratings!

1. Not with Karate: “The mysterious luchador ‘El Sabio’ attempted everything, even karate chops and he couldn’t break his rival. The triumph came at the end for “Mans’ Best Friend” who distributed more bites than Cavernario Galindo himself. Could he be a disciple (of Galindo’s)?

2. On Guard: The enemy of this ferocious dog is a masked wrestler that is known as “El Sabio” (The Wise One), something he did not demonstrate against this dog that defeated him in three falls (?). His (The dog’s) success entertained the Acapulco crowd greatly.

3. The Moral Rules:The wrestling dog stepped into the ring wearing a ‘flirtatious’ cape and no less attractive wrestling trunks. El Sabio attempted in this photo (pic #3 of article) to take the enemy dog with a rana from off the third rope. Of course he failed.

Man loses to dog! I guess its time for a luchador to avenge El Sabio’s loss to a dog.

Credit Box y Lucha No. 973 June 11, 1971

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2 Responses to “The Wrestling Dog Faces Luchador “El Sabio” (via Box y Lucha 1971)”
  1. Vandal Drummond says:

    Thank you for posting this, Fredo! This was indeed a surprising piece of history we found perusing our mountains of Lucha mags!


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