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2011 LuchaWorld 100 Countdown: #14. Rey Escorpion

14. Rey Escorpion – (NR) – (5’9″, 203 lbs, 16 yr. pro): Had a huge year in 2011. He went from being a lower card wrestler to main event level wrestler quicker than I think anyone ever imagined possible. Was always regarded as a good worker. Spent some time in AAA and was in that final grouping of Los Guapos VIP before AAA disbanded the group. While in AAA he was always more of a spot show guy, so when he jumped to CMLL it was no surprise he wasn’t pushed early, but his rise was very unexpected. Might be the most successful wrestler, as far as push goes, to go from AAA to CMLL. Lost a hair match to Loco Max on March 14th in Puebla. Despite being a veteran, but still since he was new to CMLL, he was placed in the Gran Alternativa tag team tournament teaming with Ultimo Guerrero. The two showed they had great chemistry in the tournament and eventually won it by beating Mascara Dorada and Metal Blanco in the finals. From there Rey Escorpion was placed in the Forjando Un Idolo tournament were he truly showcased his rudo charisma. He was placed in the Bravo Group mentored by Ultimo Guerrero and the two butted heads a few times, but Ultimo Guerrero respected his ability. Rey Escorpion eventually replaced Atlantis in the Guerreros de la Atlantida trio and has been a top rudo in CMLL since then.

Photo Credit Alexis Salazar/CMLL. Artwork by kcidis.

Rest of List so far…

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58. El Hijo Del Fantasma
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60. Pimpinela Escarlata
61. Chessman
62. X-Fly
63. Jushin “Thunder” Liger
64. Extreme Tiger
65. Rey Cometa
66. El Hijo Del Diablo
67. Mari Apache
68. Cassandro
69. Dragon Rojo Jr.
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72. El Zorro
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75, 76, 77. Los Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown)
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81. Eterno
82. Golden Magic
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94. Cancerbero
95. Nicho El Millonario
96. Aerostar
97. Turbo
98. Pequeno Warrior
99. Jennifer Blake
100. Billy El Malo

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