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Lucha Report For 5/9/09…Say it ain’t soooo El Dandy!

Written By Kris Zellner


EMLL announced yesterday that due to there being 3 more deaths linked to the swine flu in the Guadalajara area, that they won’t be promoting shows there until May 24th. GDL promoter Apolo Dantes said that refunds are being given for the shows that tickets have been been fought for and that the wrestlers’ didn’t know until they were on there way to the building then had to turn around to go back home. The Diario Record show was also cancelled to June 20th which the show that was planned for EMLL last night would be rescheduled for as well coincidentally.

Contrary to what Konnan said on Wrestling Observer Live last Monday, Dr. Wagner Jr. told Super Luchas yesterday that he has not signed an exclusive contract with AAA and is still an independent contractor.

EMLL announced on their TV show today that Team NO LIMIT (Tetsuya Naito & Yujiro Takahashi) would be making their debut with the promotion on 5/29 at Arena Mexico. They were slated to debut over the last week but the swine flu nixed those plans.

Averno stated on Thursday that during his time away from the ring due to the swine flu he has been thinking about a big match that he wants to have where he, Mistico, & Negro Casas would put up their masks and hair respectively. Averno said that this match would be an interesting one and thinks that Negro would be the key to the match happening because he is positive that Mistico would put his mask on the line. Averno also knows that Negro & Mistico want revenge against him for taking their CMLL & NWA Middleweight titles respectively so he will not rest until this match is made. Averno was also asked about Dos Caras Jr. and he said that he would welcome him in open arms as a member of Los Hijos del Averno if he wants to join their group because he has shown lately that he has what it takes in him to be with them.

El Dandy!  Book him, Dann-o!!!!El Dandy stated on Thursday that he is ready to retire from wrestling because he is sick of the promoters who don’t want to book him because they feel he is too expensive because they think he is no longer a star and won’t buy him an airplane ticket to go to shows that are far away from his home. Dandy thinks that he gets no respect from these promoters and that he wants to leave with his dignity which has been hurt lately by a Tijuana promoter who told him that none of the local fans know him and won’t buy his airplane ticket plus he only wanted to pay him 400 pesos, which he felt was disrespectful. Dandy said that the promoters recently want him to work for as little as possible and he mentioned that others are going through the same situation as he is especially calling out IWRG saying that any wrestler that asks for a pay raise gets basically blacklisted from their promotion. Dandy said though that he wouldn’t retire until he gets his match with Blue Demon Jr. for the NWA World Heavyweight Title because this match was promised last year and hasn’t come to fruition so the fans must get that match before he retires. Dandy went on to say that NWA Mexico has been the only promotion lately that has treated him with respect so he thinks that this match can be made.


EMLL 5/8 – Arena Mexico drawing 2,000 fans (lowest attendance since 1994 during the heyday of AAA)
1. Astro Boy & Trueno beat Kid Tiger & Puma King
2. Arkangel de la Muerte/Escandalo/Loco Max defeated Flash/Pegasso/Rey Cometa
3. El Poder Mexica (Black Warrior/Dragon Rojo/Sangre Azteca) beat Maximo/Mictlan/Sagrado
4. Lightning Match: Misterioso II defeated Metro
5. Hector Garza/Hijo del Fantasma/Shocker beat Dos Caras Jr./Hijo del Texano/Ray Mendoza Jr. by DQ due to excessive violence by Dos on Shocker.
6. Blue Panther/La Mascara/Mistico defeated La Peste Negra (Felino/Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla) and Mascara challenged Negro to a shot at the CMLL Welterweight Title afterwards.



5/10 – Arena Mexico (Dia de las Madres)
1. Molotov & Sensei vs. Camorra & Inquisidor
2. Dark Angel/Marcela/Sahori vs. Amapola/Raven Hiroka/Mima Shimoda
3. Bam Bam/Mascarita Dorada/Shockercito vs. Pequeno Black Warrior/Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Violencia
4. La Mascara/Mictlan/Sagrado vs. Black Warrior/Misterioso II/Shigeo Okumura
5. Hijo del Fantasma/Metro/Valiente vs. Averno/Heavy Metal/Hijo del Texano
6. Blue Panther/Mistico/Shocker vs. Dos Caras Jr./Ephesto/Mephisto
7. Hector Garza/La Sombra/Volador Jr. vs. Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero)

5/11 – Arena Puebla
1. Black Tiger & King Jaguar vs. Karisma & Mr. Rafaga
2. Electrico/Mascarita Dorada/Pequeno Olimpico vs. Pequeno Black Warrior/Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Violencia
3. Flash/Pegasso/Stuka Jr. vs. Shigeo Okumura/Vangelis/Virus
4. Hijo del Fantasma/Maximo/Valiente vs. El Poder Mexica (Black Warrior/Dragon Rojo/Sangre Azteca)
5. Mistico/La Sombra/Volador Jr. vs. Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero)

5/12 – Arena Mexico
1. Astro Boy & Metalico vs. Apocalipsis & Zayco
2. Estrella Magica/Lady Apache/Lluvia vs. Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sugei/Raven Hiroka
3. Shockercito/Tzuki/Ultimo Dragoncito vs. Pequeno Damian 666/Pierrothito/Universito Dos Mil
4. Maximo/Metro/Valiente vs. Dragon Rojo/Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca
5. Blue Panther/Hector Garza/Hijo del Fantasma vs. La Peste Negra (Felino/Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla)

5/15 – Arena Mexico
1. Sensei & Starman vs. Inquisidor & Semental
2. Bam Bam/Mascarita Dorada/Shockercito vs. Pequeno Black Warrior/Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Violencia
3. Lightning Match: Marcela vs. Amapola
4. Mascara Dorada/Mictlan/Stuka Jr. vs. Euforia/Nosferatu/Shigeo Okumura
5. La Mascara/Sagrado/La Sombra vs. La Jauria del Mal (Damian el Terirble/Ephesto/Hijo del Texano)
6. Blue Panther/Mistico/Shocker vs. Dos Caras Jr./Los Sicarios del Infierno (Averno y Mephisto)


5/14 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Halcon Dos Mil vs. Radamantis
2. Goleador & Jack vs. Avisman & Mixteco Jr.
3. Diva Salvaje/Miss Gaviota/Sexy Gladys vs. Capitan Muerte/Cerebro Negro/Fantasma de la Opera
4. Chico Che/Freelance/Zatura vs. Los Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/911)
5. Negro Navarro/Las Traumas I y II vs. Dr. Cerebro/Fuerza y Juventud Guerrera


5/11 – Arena Cuatro Caminos de Nuevo Laredo
1. ?
2. Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito vs. Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Chessman
3. El Poder Norte (Rio Bravo/Tito Santana/Tigre Cota) vs. The Psycho Circus (Killer Clown/Psycho Clown/Zombie Clown)
4. Charly Manson/Sangre Chicana/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Escorpion Negro/Jaque Mate/Zorro
5. Super Libre: La Parka Jr. vs. Silver King



6/3 – Campo Nuevo de Ensenada
1. ?
2. ??
3. Flash & Stuka Jr. vs. Arkangel de la Muerte & Escandalo
4. Maximo/Mictlan/Valiente vs. Dragon Rojo/Sangre Azteca/Virus
5. Mistico/La Sombra/Volador Jr. vs. Felino/Misterioso II/Negro Casas

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