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VIDEO & RECAP: AAA Sin Limite TV 10/22/11 (10/3/11)

This is AAA’s show that aired on 10/22 on some other channel. It didn’t air on Galavision Mexico, due to the ongoing Pan-Am Games, but was instead moved to one of the local affiliate channels in Guadalajara. This is the build-up show from 10/3 at Domo de la Feria de Leon, leading into Heroes Inmortales.

1. Fenix, Lolita, Mascarita Divina, Pimpinela Escarlata b Dark Dragon, Jennifer Blake, Mini Histeria, Nygma

Relevos de Locura match were you have a mini, a woman, an exotico and a male wrestler teaming up together. Really good opening match. Everything clicked in this match. Fenix had this really cool spot were he twisted in the air and landed a huracanrana on Dark Dragon. Just great. Fenix hit a corkscrew plancha to the outside later in the match as well. Jennifer Blake and Lolita were great in this match as well. I don’t think they get nearly the credit they deserve. Lolita’s gotten a little more because she was trained by Gran Apache and she’s newer, but Jennifer Blake is really great at being a heel, especially in Mexico. The only screw-up really was late in the match while Blake had Lolita for the pin, Nygma pulls her off (they’re on the same team!) just so he could go after Pimpinela. He sends Pimpinela to the outside and hits a running Thesz press on him. Fenix gets the win for his team by hitting a top-rope double knee drop on Dark Dragon. Polvo de Estrellas and Pasion Kristal run-in and attack Pimpinela Escarlata. Definitely a must watch match!

Prior to the next match, L.A. Park gives his thoughts on the Sting-El Mesias match for Heroes Inmortales. He picks El Mesias. I actually picked a draw! Mostly because that’s how wrestling works nowadays.

2. Argos, Jack Evans, Octagón b Alan Stone, Decnnis, Súper Fly

Pretty cold blooded edit job as they show Decnnis and then cut to Octagon hugging Marisela Pena Roldan. Kinda funny how AAA and CMLL’s use of Argos is completely different even with him being Mistico/Sin Cara’s brother. CMLL kept him in opening matches and he’d sporadically show up on TV, while AAA has decided to give him a better push and partly due to them believing that should WWE cut ties with Sin Cara/Mistico, they’d have better odds in signing him. Fun Facts by AAA announcers…Did you know Jack Evans use to wrestle as “Trilling” and “Blitzkarige II”. Poor thecubsfan is gonna have to add pronunciations for English words on the site if we have to keep hearing Jesus Zuniga butcher the English language.

This match had some good moments. There were two points in the match that were pretty awful. Argos trying to put some sort of move on Alan Stone and he couldn’t lift him over, so Jack Evans had to help him and the move still looked awkward. The other, Alan Stone gets Jack Evans in a torture rack and Decnnis hits the ropes an they are going to do some sort of a combination were they drop down and Decnnis would be holding Jack’s head. It came off really sloppy looking as Decnnis had to slow down to get Alan to drop and it looked bad and could have been a risky move. Well, let’s make this three points as Jack Evans is on the outside and waiting for Alan Stone to hit him with a plancha, one of the camera guys was standing in front of Jack. Jack had to move him out of the way. Match ends when Super Fly fakes a foul, but ref doesn’t see it, so Octagon just pins him for the win.

However, this match really should be seen just to hear how bad Jesus Zuniga’s announcing was. Also Octagon’s voice is quite annoying as he does a post-match promo.

Konnan then gives his thoughts on the Sting-El Mesias match and I think his nose grew when he said they’d leave it all out there. I could be wrong. He picks Sting cuz WOLFPAC 4-LIFE!

3. Damián 666, Halloween, X-Fly b Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown [AAA TRIOS]

I should start counting how many times a frontcracker and backcracker are used on every lucha libre show nowadays.

Someone needs to tell Jesus Zuniga to stop with the English wrestling terms because it gets old quick. Match was ok. This feud has run its course and probably should have seen its conclusion in Triplemania or Verano de Escandalo. They got another 2-3 months out of it, but there’s really only so much these guys can do. Damian 666 got the win by using La Valagueza on one of the Clowns. The audio was finishing sooner than the match itself and at first I thought it was some audio screwiness from the person uploading the video since that can happen when you convert a video file, but it was something that AAA did as Perro Jr’s follow-up promo had the audio back to normal.

Perro Jr. talked about the Sting-El Mesias match, but didn’t seem to have a pick.

L.A. Park, Konnan and Chessman are walking along backstage. L.A.Park is upset because he wants a shot at the AAA World Mega Title and he didn’t get it. Konnan tells him, he had his shot and El Zorro screwed him out of it. He then tells L.A. Park that he’s going to have Chessman watch his back and protect him. This riles up L.A. Park who tells Konnan he doesn’t need Chessman, Konnan or anyone to help get even with El Zorro and tells them he’s gonna go take care of El Zorro and walks away. Konnan and Chessman laugh and give each other a fist bump.

4. Electroshock, Heavy Metal, Joe Lider b Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador

TROLLY IN DA HIZOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More editing of entrances. LOKILLO EN LA CASA!!!!

So far, we’re averaging 1.5 backcrackers/frontcrackers per match, but that might be a bit skewed due to the opening match. Match itself was ok with mostly brawling, a ladder was used and the seconds (each trio had a woman and a mini) got involved. Lokillo and Trolly were separated by the women at one point. Lider got the win with a Spanish Fly on Ultimo Gladiador.

Dr. Wagner Jr. shares his thoughts on the Sting vs. El Mesias match. Dr. Wagner Jr. doesn’t know Sting! Great!

5. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, LA Park, Nicho el Millonario b Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías, Zorro

Main event was mostly a brawl. First half was the rudos beating on the tecnicos. I almost gave up watching this match since it just felt the same as the previous 2 matches. Tecnicos make their comeback and use some weapons like chairs, Zorro’s cane, and even a fan’s crutch. Lots of weapons. Match picks up as well. Final 10-12 minutes of this match were quite good. Aguayo wins the match with a double foot-stomp on Dr. Wagner Jr.

Best match on the show was the opener. Main finished off strong. The middle part of this show was pretty skippable. The announcing by Jesus Zuniga was awful.

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